May 2017, ADC Expo Shanghai and Store Trainings

FT LONDON had a great time at the ADC EXPO in Shanghai last month.
The booth received great attention and many interested visitors. The guests praised several times the great „European Look“ of the stand. Also FT LONDON was able to gain new distributors.
This month our brand ambassador Marco travels through a few countries. He gives you the great possibility to get a store training.
Hungary May 2nd to May 7th

Belgium May 8th to May 10th 
Holland May 11th to May 16th
Lithuania & Latvia May 17th to May 21st

As usual please feel free to contact him to have a store training with him!

April 2017, Shanghai ADC Expo and GPop

You can meet us at the ADC Expo in Shanghai from the 13th till 16th of april.
We have a booth over there for you.
Our Gpop finally starts shipping this month!
Currently we are looking for bloggers who are interested in reviewing it for us.
Please contact the following email for a collaboration :

March 2017, Geisha Balls2 and Scala Fair

This month we are exited again to tell you that we have something new in our range.
Geisha balls 2 are finally online:–
We start shipping them in about two month.
Also we were happy to meet some of you on the “Scala Fair” in the Netherlands.
These two days were great, and we cant wait for the next Time.

February 2017, Gpop and Social Channels

We are happy to inform you, that we have a new Toy in our Range. Its called GPop. We start shipping it in about one Month.

As a new Marketing Tool we added Videos into our POS Section, showing the famous Emily Morse, introducing all of our Products in 5 different Languages. They are ready to be downloaded.

Also we are looking for Bloggers, who are interested in reviewing our Products. We are posting all of the Reviews on our Social Channels.

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