10 incredible records related to sex

We all know why people have sex. More precisely, we think that we know. Sex is pleasure, a way to continue the race. But some people have turned sex into a struggle for achievements, records. Perhaps it is time to write a new book – the Guinness Book of Sexual Records.

1. How many times can you cum?

Well, actually we don’t care about the result; still it’s hardly more than a legendary record-holder woman with her 134 orgasms at a time. Men’s record, by the way, reach only

2. How long will you orgasm?

The longest orgasm is 45 seconds. Eh.

3. Are you comfortable to watch porn?

Horst Schulz, for instance, is comfortable to watch it. Because, as in the joke, he can swith off the button on the monitor by his sperm jet. The distance which he is able to shoot for is 5.65 meters in length and .60 meters in height. And also he does this very fast! Mr. Ejaculation!

4. Be fruitful and multiply.

Far back in the past, there were no condoms, there were no gynecologists and obstetricians, but women gave birth and did it a lot. The woman, who lived in the 18th century, by the way, Valentina Vasilyeva, gave birth to 69 children. She gave birth in twos, threes and fours at once!

Her contemporary successor is Leontina Albina who in her 60 has 64 children.

And now we will focus on multi-child fathers. What nationality, you think, is a man? Oh, it was the ruler of Morocco in the 17th century, Moulay Abuul Nasir Ismail as-Samin ibn Rashid, who has a total of 1014 successors.

5. There is no doubt, you will like this record.

Who has the biggest penis? John Falcon, American actor. 24 cm in length in flaccidity and 34 cm in length in erection.

Once, in the news they wrote that airport employees often grabbed his penis suspecting him of smuggling in his shorts.

Let’s remember about gender equality and write about the deepest vagina. Anna Swan, a woman who is 2.30 meters tall gave birth to the largest child measuring 12 kg and 85 cm. The information is certainly not fixed, but let’s think logically.

6. Having an itching palm.

They say that a man should be able to work with his hands. Chris Nicholson can take off 20 bras per minute. With one hand. Girls, do you want his phone number?

7. When there is joy of old age.

The Japanese man Shigeo Tokuda in his 80 is married to 45-year-old woman. But the story is not about this but about what his wife will say when she finds out that he has acted in 350 adult films since he was 60. He wasn’t taught this. He didn’t read this in books. Come on, pappy, come on!

8. When you can’t decide where to shove.

Have you participated in orgies? Do you know this shortage of penises for the huge number of holes? The Japanese outstand here again, are not at a loss, and set record in orgies – they gathered the largest number who are having sex – 500 bodies in one place.

9. Without a break for KitKat.

Lisa Sparks became famous for the fact that she had 919 sexual partners during one day (24 hours), 1.5 minutes per each of them. I wonder if the person who was documenting the record was participating as well? After all, it was a championship in group sex, yes, there is such a championship.

10. Lucy and her pussy.

Have you seen the advertising of vaginal balls from ft london? If they were made in Russia, Tatyana Kozhevnikova who can raise 14 kg with her vaginal muscles would become its shill. And this is possible thanks to Kegel exercises!