21st century: who should you sleep with and why masturbate?

I often receive e-mails like, “Help me, I sleep with a jackass!”

The first thing I want to ask is, “Where did you get him? Why do you sleep with him?”

And then I remember that sooner or later any average woman meets a jackass. No, she doesn’t look for him on purpose, doesn’t behave herself in a special way. And I really don’t like criticism of others on this subject – it’s her fault, everyone gets what he deserves, etc.

Also, not every jackass will show or say that he is a jackass right off the bat.


By the way, jackasses can be of either sex. A person-jackass. Of any sex, age and orientation. A person who lies about his name, age and marital status. A person who runs away from the store to “walk” when you need to pay for a ring that both of you have chosen. A person who humiliates and offends his partner telling him what parameters he doesn’t correspond to. A person who is not involved in his household. A person who seeks to walk over his partner. And then, even a thought appears – who of two of you is worse – who tolerates all this mess or who does it?


Who is to blame if a girl sleeps with a married man? Who is to blame if the wife doesn’t cook? Who is to blame if the husband doesn’t give gifts? Who is to blame?

And the worst thing is that, as a rule, dirty linen isn’t washed in public. And you can’t say this about assholes in relationships. Well, here he is, judging from his appearance, a decent man, earns money, does repairs at home, has bought her a fur coat. Can you believe that he tortures her as she says?


And people simply can’t explain such relationships. Well, a man, well, a woman. Well, you sleep together. Relationships are not just an animal instinct. If you want sex, buy yourself a special device. No, really, why don’t psychologists say: if you want to fuck, here is a vibrator/masturbator for you? Why do people create themselves a load of problems for the sake of sex? Is sex with jackasses cool? What place are relationships built on and by what place are they thought over?

Always choose relationships with your head, head and heart. No, neither with penis, nor vagina. Because relationships are a serious thing. Relationships are work. And the work doesn’t turn on result only, you need theory and morals here.

Do you know what a woman is guided by agreeing to have sex on a first date? A man is sexy, well built and well dressed, and maybe even handsome. She doesn’t pay attention on conversation and essence of conversation with this man. And then the woman is surprised at consequences – ignore, married, a moral monster. And he seemed to be a good person.

Sexual hunger imposes a veil on eyes and mind. Don’t starve. Masturbate, have fun with sex toys, think about the shower in the bathroom. You shouldn’t starve.

Nervous breakdown, moral problems, gynecological problems. And hunting, hunting, hunting. If someone is caught, the woman idealizes him, persuades herself that he is right for her, he is what she needs.

A woman really persuades herself to accept the man, to find good qualities in him because she hasn’t had sex for a month, a week or a year,. But before this she wouldn’t even look at him – says her subconsciousness somewhere far away. Subconsciousness is suppressed by adrenaline of flirtation, gain and a bit of alcohol.

Therefore, I urge women to learn how to satisfy themselves. This is the only way to avoid having sex with jackasses and a load of unnecessary problems.