5 books about sex: Theory is the practice`s best friend

Is it possible to fully reveal your sexual ego? To remove the confusion? To overcome prejudices and to obtain the maximum pleasure?

The best sex psychologists in the world wonder these questions for many years. We have collected the best books on sex aesthetics and sexuality in our article.


1. Mary Roach – Sex for science. Science for sex.


Until the mid-XX century sexual psychology and physiology were not studied, sex was a shameful secret, not an ordinary biological phenomenon.

Now, when the value of this field is fully appreciated by society, it is difficult to imagine that it had to face the pioneers of laboratory sex. However, today a few people think that experts are studying sex, like any other aspect of human physiology.

Masterfully combining scientific enthusiasm, journalistic freedom, the saving humor and unfailing taste, Mary Roach tells how and why this science was being developed.



2. Helen Singer Caplan – Sex therapy. Illustrated guide


Helen Caplan is a leading American sexologist, her practice includes hundreds of cases of successful assistance to those who are suffering from sexual disorders. The purpose of this book is to describe the erotic techniques that are normally used in sex therapy and to explain the mechanism of their action.

In addition, it describes common reactions of people who have been proposed this kind of exercise – often these reactions are quite emotional and help to understand what the problem is.



3. Manfred Kets de Vries – Sex, money, happiness and death


Generally speaking, only one partition in this book is dedicated to the subject of, but it is so instructive and informative that it is worth other individual publications.

Dutch psychoanalyst Manfred Kets de Vries talks about sexual attraction, the role of sexuality in our lives and examines our ideas (false and true) about the sexual attitudes of men and women.




4. Ulrich Clement – Good sex despite the love


If you sometimes show more erotic interest than you feel; do what you don’t really want, it’s difficult to explain to the partner what are your desires, then this book is printed just for you.

He managed to solve the sad mystery why erotic feelings become worse even in loving couples. And he explains the feelings and thoughts behind this “do not want” and how to turn a weakness into a huge sexual power.



5. Alexander Lowen – Sex, love, and heart


Alexander Lowen is a genius in sexual psychology and the psychology of relationships. He believes that people suffering from love have a bigger risk of heart diseases than those who are happy in their relationships.

As the author said: “most of the relationships between a man and a woman start with love but break up due to a power struggle… everyone sees the weakness and errors of another, which can be used to achieve the benefits”.

The book is about how to go out into the wild, beyond the boundaries of your complexes, to be free, find love, health, and happiness.