5 films about love without rules (Part 2)

In the last article we told you about shocking,  exciting passion and maddening your mind films in the BDSM genre. I hope, that you have watched them all and now you are ready to discover the wonderful world of the masochism in a new way. So, let’s start!


Belle de jour directed by Luis Buñuel (1967 year)

Beloved Betty Page was the sex symbol until the “Belle de jour” has appeared.

A good wife and a respectable mistress – Severin Serizi decided to do an incredible experiment. Tired of her own infallibility, she secretly arranged at work in the brothel. But at  noons she is still playing the role of the bourgeois lady, so that she was given the name “Belle de jour”.

Very interesting and exciting dual life with BDSM elements! Even today this film is considered as a classic of the BDSM culture.


Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975 year), Dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini

Marquis de Sade (yes, the one and only). The perverted human mind made him the father of all sadism in the world.

“The dirtiest story of ever told” was appeared on the screens in the interpretation of the genius Pierre Paolo Pasolini. The last film for which he was cruelly condemned by critics. The film, after which Pasolini was brutally murdered under strange circumstances.

The director transferred the time and the place of action from the castle in France, to the fascist “Salo Republic” in the north of Italy. In the rest, the plot is almost unchanged – people of the “highest grade”, satisfying their perverted desires mocking the group of young men and women.

It is the shocking and horrible film! This is even more than BDSM. Perhaps this is his dirtiest side. You should view it necessarily, if you want to see all the facets of human cruelty and perversion.

Venus in Fur 2013 year – Roman Polanski

If the term “sadism” originates from the surname of de Sade, masochism owes its appearance to the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.

The film is about how a cult work about uneasy relationship between man and woman is played at the stage of the theatre. And how it takes unexpected forms.

There are only two heroes in the film: an ambitious director and a vulgar actress. The scene is the theater. Desperate to find his ideal Venus, Toma Novachik suddenly sees her – Wanda Jourdain, a cheeky blonde chewing gum in her mouth. Step by step, Wanda subjected to the director and turns inside out the darkest nooks of his soul.


Histoire d’O 1975 year Director: Just Jaeckin

Erotic drama from the director of the cult film “Emmanuel”.

The main character O goes after her lover in a mysterious castle. And then begins a cruel erotic tale. The girl is subjected and beaten with whips. Steadily suffering all the abuse, O begin to get more and more pleasure. Starting to change internally, she yields to temptations and hidden desires. Her life will not ever return to the usual course …

Amazing picture, that was able to stay on the verge between frankness and pornography.All you need to know about “humiliated and insulted.”


SM-rechter 2009 year Director  Erik Lamens

The film is based on the real history of the Belgian judge Kuhn Allegairts and his wife Magda.

After 25 years of marriage, the man inquired that his wife is not exactly what she seemed to be. A difficult choice appears before him – the love for his wife or his own dignity. And he chooses, of course, the first, for which the couple will later severely pay. Harassment, condemnation of the public, the end of a career and reputation. The personal life of  Allegairts family is carefully dissected, savor and examined. Members of the family and friends turn away from the couple.And it all because of sadomasochistic practices.

The film shows us frank scenes and affects the ethical side of BDSM culture.

Is there something terrible and unacceptable in it? Should people be judged for their sexual attachments? Do we have the right to sadomaso?


BDSM films have always been on the verge of a interdiction.

Unfortunately, we can not consider that in the twenty-first century BDSM ended its long journey from the forbidden to the ordinary.