5 films about love without rules (Part I)

BDSM- these 4 letters disturb and frighten the consciousness of the simple inhabitant.


It is not accepted to discuss these topic during the dinner (and with your friends with the glass of wine indeed), and the word “masochist” still has a negative connotation.

But cinematography – is the mouthpiece of our everyday routine tries to elucidate these taboo topic. Oh, there are so much movies about this forbidden act! Today we will speak about 5 of them. Let’s go!


The Notorious Bettie Page (2005), Dir. – Mary Harron



The history of BDSM in the cinema didn’t begin with the Playboy millionaire, but with the homely american girl Bettie Page.


The film of 2005 tells us about the sex-symbol of the 50’s and one of the founders of the sexual revolution.

The brilliant career of the girl lasted only 7 years, but she managed to eclipse Marilyn Monroe, to become the most famous pin-up model and to discover BDSM and fetish styles.


You will see everything about Bettie’s life in this movie. Film will spark interest of those who are concerned in the history of BDSM movement.


Secretary (2001), Dir.  Steven Shainberg



Beautiful Maggie Gyllenhaal starred in the film “Secretary”, strinked everyone with her sexuality and emancipation.


The main hero is Lee. The girl is shy, attractive and she is the masochist (at times the girl are cutting herself and “playing up” with the boiling water).

She tries to overcome her fears, so that she gets a job of the secretory in the Mr. Gray’s office (who turns to be a sadist by chance). The fascinating combination of two closed persones won’t make you bored.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Dir. Jim Sharman



BDSM genre in the USA was reflected in the unexpected musical format.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show – this is an ordinary story about the transvestite scientist from Transsexualia’s planet of the Transylvania galaxy, who created a young, sexual slave for himself.

The film is still popular nowadays and cinemas all over the world still show it.


My Mistress, 2013, dir. Stephen Lance



One more picture about the relationship between man and woman. High school student Charlie, who aching about his father’s suicide and mother’s treachery, tries to find the way out from his depression in the completely unexpected hobbies.


When he inquired that his neighbour is a sadomasochistic mistress, a teenager tries up to get acquainted with her, but it slowly flowing into inconceivable and confused relationship between an adult woman and a very young guy.

This film – is the real drama movie, which shows us the sex act not only in the plane of “humiliation-submission,” but also the emotional stress of two lonely people.


Nine 1/2 Weeks, 1986, dir. Adrian Lyne



This is the most sexual and exciting movie!

The plot is surprisingly spectacular, but it seems that the film flows slowly, the actions are dilatory, but it creates the incredibly exciting tension!


Mickey Rourke playing the role of imperious, but romantic John and Kim Basinger starring as the amazing Elizabeth – will not lead you to be bored.

Their meeting will turn their lives upside down and will bring a great passion in the everyday life.


The BDSM moments shown there as a tender and deep trust between two people, and I’m sure that after the movie’s viewing a lot of people will try something from erotic scenes.