A little about lubricants with the focus on the oral ones

Guys, be honest, do you use lubricants? And where do you buy them? I know that many people are terribly embarrassed to ask about them in pharmacies, and the selection there isn’t big; in supermarkets they are located even at the cash desk – and so you take one with an inscription “for anal sex” – and the old woman with a knapsack waiting for you to pay faster looks at you with a slight reproach.
I really like to buy lubricants in retail stores. In large store chains which care not only about their profits but also about their customers – plenty of testers on the shelves, you can see the texture, smell them and even try them if you want. But I know that many people are simply shy to go to an adult store.

Here online stores with the “presumption of innocence” come to the aid, i.e. those that preserve anonymity, you just get a black one-piece kraft bag where there is not a word about what’s inside and where it’s from.
Yes, today I want to tell you about lubricants. More specifically about the oral ones but also about the situation in general.

All lubricants are divided into three categories – vaginal, anal and oral ones. Of course, there are also lubricants for fisting but we will talk about them another time.
Lubricants can also be on a different basis – water, oil, silicone and more rarely glycerol one.
Also, lubricants may have various additional properties – cooling or warming, calming, they are able to act as anesthetics, as well as to prolong sexual intercourse. There are also several less popular properties such as healing lubricants, organic ones for people with an allergy, etc.
But, of course, the main task of all lubricants is to improve the glide.

Women are often ashamed to admit to their discomfort, and yet dryness is a common phenomenon and a problem of couples. There is nothing fearful and especially shameful in this, you should just arm yourself with a good lubricant, and it’s even not necessary that your man knows about this lubricant, you can hide it under the pillow and gently resort to it when this is necessary.

Anal lubricants are a separate conversation; unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce a single gram of natural lubrication and anal sex always requires a lot of time, effort and control – so here you will have special requirements for related tools. That is why most of the classical lubricants are silicone-based – they don’t dry out for a long time and excellently glide. Unfortunately, no matter how good silicone-based lubricants are, they have one significant drawback – they are not compatible either with condoms or toys of delicate materials such as CyberSkin, silicone, ABS-plastic.

Therefore, a water-based lubricant is still a multi-purpose one, you can smear it anywhere and as much as necessary.
Well, and why does one need oral lubricants?

Oral lubricants are like a good sauce for dinner. Soy, cream, pomegranate or tartar. It seems a trifle but it can make the whole process. And also an oral lubricant allows partners to get pleasure from oral sex because cunnilingus or fellatio is a difficult decision for many people.
Unlike cream or chocolate spread, they don’t stain underwear, clothes, bedding. They are diverse and not caloric, most of them can also be used as massage oils and vaginal lubricants. Oral lubricants have a decent formulation, breathtaking scent and bring something new into your relationships.
In addition, stimulant ingredients are added in formulation – so your partner being smeared with magic liquid from the bottle will get even more pleasure or at least will cum faster.
Sometimes, oral lubricants may have a bit of a chemical, unnatural taste, but good brands which are reputable on the market usually don’t have this problem.

I’m sure you’ll love these desserts just as I love them.
And you will finally learn to enjoy cunnilingus or blowjob if you were shy to do it earlier.