A little bit about female vacuum pumps

Female vacuum trainer is not so popular as male. But modern sex-industry proposes pumps for women too.

And if men use it only for penis enlargement and getting pleasure, women can do the same procedures for nipples, clitoris and labia.

So let’s speak about kinds of pumps, about their features and applying.

Female vacuum pumps can be divided into 3 groups:



-pumps for breast


Vaginal pump is used for sanitation: to strengthen vaginal muscles. Also you can use it for sexual purposes, such as clitoral  and vaginal stimulation.

Vacuum pump intensifies the blood flow to the vagina and labia, they grow in size, which provides not only visual pleasure, but also increases the sensitivity and excitability of erogenous zones.

Clitoral pumps provides vacuum massage of the female clitoral zone, they are stimulating blood circulation and strengthen orgasmic sensations.

Vaginal and clitoral pumps can also be used with your partner during the sex game. Some female pumps are used for the erotic massage of the nipples and other erogenous zones.


Vacuum pumps for breast train and tonify muscles.

Regular using in combination with special creams can increase the breast size nearly about 30-40%.

Breast vacuum massager is made to improve blood circulation, to make your breast more taut.

Vacuum massager is recommended for lactating mothers (especially some pumps can also be used as a breast pump for milk), it avoids stagnation and cracks, and also avoids you to live this important period of your life without any loss of the breast’s beauty.

It is not recommended to use pumps in the second period of pregnancy.

You can use vacuum pumps for different purposes:

-for masturbation, if you want to stimulate your clitoris and breast intensively.

-to increase the sensitivity of the erogenous zones before sex. You should use the toy, and only then you should start sexual pleasures.

-to enlarge nipples and clitoris. But don’t use the toy every day. You should do sessions no more than 3-4 times a week.


During the using of vacuum pump you pump up the air and make a vacuum, which helps to enlarge muscle and skin tissues, blood begins to flow into the bloodstream, what promotes to increase genitals, saturate them with color.

There are a lot of methods how to use a vacuum pump, all of them has advantages and disadvantages, but if you really have a desire and you will use pump in a right way, you can achieve good results.