About one-night stand.

It’s quite a common expression – one-night stand, isn’t it? There are others like – no strings attached – but that’s another story.


I’m sitting in a nice restaurant, eating medium rare tuna steak, drinking whiskey of some crazy ageing. I’m looking at people, listening to their conversations. People around are meeting, flirting, discussing problems and other people, saying toasts, celebrating something, complaining about something, falling in love, cheating on their spouses, etc.


I’m looking at men and women. They say it’s more difficult for women to find a partner for one night when they have such a desire. Generally, this is a strange desire for a woman, it often occurs because of a tired head, problems at home. What does a woman want from one-night stand? You won’t believe this but anything you can think about! She can see sincere conversations with good wine behind this, night city by car, expensive or not, fast animal and soulless “rabbit” sex, good sex which necessarily leads to orgasm or even orgasms, crying on another man’s shoulder, or it won’t necessarily be a man, she just wanted to try this for a long time…


Who a woman is looking for? For a man. And if a woman isn’t silly and the desire is caused not just by a drunk whim, she will thoroughly approach even the choice of a one-time partner.

First of all, she will think about safety. She either has her own condoms or in the course of conversation she will identify the man who thinks with his head .

She will think about visualization – not to sleep with a nasty old jackass, he must be an attractive and interesting male, or at least – handsome.

Also, a woman will think about the place – who she can bring to her house, who she can go to, how far in her bag she has an electric shocker.

A woman will think about the final – she will look at a confident, strong man trying to figure out a good lover in him… Or an honest listener.)

Whereas a man is looking for a woman for one night not selectively, usually, appearance and figure is enough, readiness, nasty glint in the eyes, and sometimes they don’t even look at this.


By default, it’s cool for a man to have sex and be free. Often, men have only problems because of such one-night stands. In the morning, non-selective drunk women, for the most part, turn into nymphs illuminated with hope who got hold of shirts from men’s wardrobes, put them next to the skin and making themselves at home on their, men’s, bachelors’ kitchen.


What do people get from a short sex? Sex! New problems. New hopes. Tears. Moral self-fulfilment. Self-criticism. Sometimes – passionate love affairs. Sometimes – bad diseases. Sometimes – psychological traumas.

My boyfriend eating a marble steak, sitting opposite to me says that it’s easier to call a prostitute. You will spend less money and get an actual pleasure, fulfillment of a whim.

I’m laughing. As for me, it is easier to use a vibrator/masturbator. It will serve you long enough.