About the penis casting kit and how to use it

Hey there, guys! You sure have come across the penis casting kits, right? What an entertainment to install a real-size copy of your partner’s penis giving his self-confidence a boost too. Now, don’t you get the hot flashes thinking about it – it’s the NO.1 hit! Making a model is a fun and informative process that is beneficial for your relationship. So let’s take a look inside the kit.

Penis copying system kit – is a great gift for your close married or not-so-married-yet couples on any occasion. In sex shop the variety of kits is enormous. There are even the chocolate with caramel ones and plain chocolate ones, meaning the color of the copy is black. There are also the kits with clay, like those for the baby feet impressions, but for penises. The variety also offers the glowing-in-the-dark material, a sort of a zombie penis. There’s an option to make a candle out of your cast, though make sure it won’t be taken for a lousy joke. There are the kits to make an edible copy of the penis, that generally do not last long. So, we’re going to check out the standard longevous representatives of the product range.
Ladies take their men’s penis copy when going on a trip as a reminder of the loved one at home. Which, I think, is a really good idea. If this is the case, then you might want to consider taking the kit with vibrator to stimulate other feelings than the affection exclusively.
How to make a copy of a penis
The kit is supplied in a simple package with the guidelines, and I strongly recommend reading it thoroughly before you head of to having fun.
The package is in shape of a tube. Do not toss it in the garbage – you will need it as a form to pour in a 3D gel. There are two packages of 3D gel in case the first attempt fails. A pack of silicone, a small bottle of hardener, a mixing stick, a rope for penis (a thing to play with after the passionate art project), gloves, vibrator (if you’ve picked the kit with the vibrator), a plate for hanging the copy with the vibrator, a rubber for the tube.
The process of molding takes time and requires the right temperature.


1. Fixing the tube. Cut the tube in a way to make it smaller in diameter, put it together with duct tape, put a rubber on the tube at the end where the erected penis comes in.
2. Getting ready for the process. The erection must be strong. The material is fast acting, so you may either fail with perfect timing or get the impression that isn’t good enough. Mix the 3D powder with the water of the right temperature, which is important. The cold water may kill the erection and prolong the molding. If the water is too hot, the material will harden too fast.
3. Taking the impression. As soon as the mixture is ready, stick a penis into the tube. Be fast but precise. Adjust the tube around the penis. It should not touch the sides of the tube. Pour the mixture into the tube. Wait couple of minutes. It’s OK if erection starts dying after a minute, the process is on!
4. When the gel hardens (touch it to make sure), take the tube with the mixture off the penis and move on to the next step.
5. Silicone and hardener. Pour the hardener into the container with the silicone and start stirring slowly gradually increasing the moves. When the mixture is ready, carefully fill up the shape in the mold. Leave it for 24 hours. If your kit includes vibrator, insert it into the silicone copy of the penis and hang it on the cardboard plate that comes with the kit.
6. The leftovers of the silicone can be used for making an anti-stress ball. You can take any suitable toy shaper. Or the ice cube tray in the form of penises or strawberries is very fit for the purpose.

In the end, you get a realistic model of the penis with veins and skin creases and bumps and whatever there is. And it is soo touchy.
Have fun, guys!