Answering the call of the wild: what you should remember while having outdoor sex

Outdoor sex is one of the most popular fantasies nowadays; it seems to be nothing unusual but in your list outdoor sex is much more achievable than a passionate night with a celebrity.

Summer and autumn have already passed. Didn’t mosquitoes eat you, the researchers of fantasies?) Indeed, autumn is a great time for revival of our animal instincts. You don’t want to become 80 and sitting by the fireplace remember with surprise that you never grasped a tree with your nails in a passion outburst, do you?


In no case go along with extreme erotic movies where passionate Amazons surrounded by a swarm of piranhas wheedle each other. Especially if you have just got out of your bedroom. Start small, check the backyard, terrace or balcony at worst. You are still close to your home, this will calm you down and you will get an extra chance to choose a really comfortable place.




Again, don’t behave yourself like in a movie. Hot baths and various waterfalls, rivers and swimming pools are favorite places for amorous scenes on TV. In fact, all this is one big problem. Water, especially the one which is chlorinated, can easily wash away all the natural lubrication of a woman, and therefore cause discomfort and irritation. Chlorine may also affect the strength of condoms. The water generally contains a lot of bacteria that can bring a bunch of intimate problems to a woman – with bladder and various infections. Not too sexy in the end, huh? Nevertheless, there are no obstacles for passionate hot lovers if they really want to eat each other in the water. But I would still refrain from penetration.




Always carefully choose what to wear. You should feel comfortable, and the possibility to quickly undress and dress again will come in handy too. It is easier for women in this respect – they can prefer an easy fit skirt or dress. Underwear? The less, the better!:)


Don’t make noise. Regardless of location you have chosen, most likely the environment around you is quite intimate. No matter how quiet you seem to yourself, I can say for sure that you will definitely shout the birds down.


Also, there is nothing less sexual than insects. It is unlikely that you will like mites feasting on your flesh during intercourse. Be sure to have condoms, something to underlay, for example a thermo-mat or throw blanket, as well as lubricant and repellents for insects typical of your area.


Don’t be caught. On the one hand, it’s sexy to imagine as if someone spies you. But in reality to be caught is not that cool. Outdoor sex is unlikely to please law enforcement authorities, make sure that no one will disturb your trick. Don’t have fun near the road, a possible crowd of people, places where children or animals can appear, as well as buildings and warehouses – they can be equipped with video cameras, including the suburban area attached to them.




Always thoroughly clean up all the rubbish after yourself. Is everything finished? Collect wine, paper and condoms. Squirrels will hardly like chewing them.