Ben Wa Balls as an escape from complexes

Many women know that vagina consists of muscles and if these muscles are not trained, they will be not alert and alive. How do you train the muscles? Simply be active and make the sex. Nevertheless, time takes its toll. And in your 30’s vaginal muscles would not be like when you are 19 y.o. And after a birth of a child the situation becomes even more sadder.

Many women complain that once in a while their partners drop a phrase that “it used to be tighter and fit”. Wouldn’t you give thought to it? What can be done about it? Let’s discuss an issue of vagina stretching. When should you start thinking about it?

Years pass and every woman’s vagina stretches in any case regardless of how often she makes sex or if she takes care of her health or not. It is just a normal ageing process. However, it is comparatively revertible. If it seems that your body becomes less tight, than the fitness of your muscles could be returned with the help of Ben Wa Balls.


Vaginal masseurs: How do we use it, what is that?

A few years ago Kegel exercises became popular. These exercises involve toughing and relaxing of vaginal muscles. Doing this exercise for a few minutes on a daily basis will help to make your vagina tighter and fit. This exercise became a real rescue of love life for many women.

As for the vaginal balls, they are used on the same principle and for the same purposes. You need just to compress the muscles with balls inside your vagina, so, the main task is to keep these balls inside your body.

In this case the balls, being in the vagina, cause pleasure and stimulate vaginal walls and if you use them for a long time they should make the extraordinary orgasms.

The most experienced women in this context  are those who can carry vaginal balls for many hours without relaxing their muscles.

As a rule, such massager is a set of several balls that differ insignificantly in diameter and weight. But the truth is that “insignificant” is only if you hold them in your hand. As soon as the balls get inside your body, every milligram and millimeter are very important. You should start training with the smaller and lighter ball, gradually moving to larger and heavier ones.

It is often that the balls kit is completed by a rubber rope with some grooves (where the balls are inserted). The rope is necessary, because you need to pull the balls outside of your body. You shouldn’t put the balls inside your body without any stopper. So, if you decide to try this massager, don’t forget about the lubricant: you should grease the balls a lot.


Vaginal balls are not only useful for the female body, but also very-very nice. You can try these exercises, and you may be sure that they will become your favorite kind of “sport”!