Edible stimulants

Probably a person of any age and interests saw on TV at least once that some pretty young lady was “poured” a couple of magic drops into the drink and she delivered herself up (although in the beginning she didn’t seem to want it) to the timely placed noble hands of the cavalier.
Or you came across an advertisement about a magic gum “that makes her want sex” – which even warms up the most frigid person … Well, you understand!)
And even lazy people know about the horse stimulant.
Actually, what it’s all about…

About stimulants! Let’s divide all the information received into truth and fiction, into myths and reality.
Roughly speaking, stimulants are supplements.
They are divided into male, female and unisex (read – for couples)
Sometimes, strictly male ones work for women. For example, some kind of luxurious dark chocolate bar was lying on the boss’s table, she decided to try a piece of it hoping that he won’t notice. And when he entered the office, she sprang at him. Though it wasn’t designed for women.

So, the division is purely relative. Just believe me – the girl who once at a festival drank a cocktail with Viagra.
All stimulants have different compositions, there are natural ones, there are ones with preservatives/additives; in any case, active substances are aphrodisiacs, plus something that increases pressure.
All this as minimum makes you want a little more sex than usual. And as maximum…

Female stimulants cause a rush of blood to the proper places, make us more disposed to sex, more cheerful, playful, coquettish, and generally remove barriers. Male stimulants on top of that make a boner stronger.

I tell you for sure: yes, it works. Yes, absolutely all stimulants work.
But there is a thing: the power of their action is absolutely individual. One person can simply be dumbfounded by some ingredient of the stimulant, other person will have a gentle effect from it.
Therefore, if you try, say, a Spanish fly, you will like it a lot, you will advise it to your neighbour, and he will say that it was nothing much for him, he is not lying. He just needs to choose something different, with other ingredients.
That’s why just try and try it yourself, no one will advise you which one is best, each to their own.

There are several types of stimulants.
They are produced in the form of drops, sprays, capsules and a special subtype – a stimulating cream or lubricant with aphrodisiacs.
Perhaps, we won’t talk about creams and lubricants now, they should be described comprehensively and separately. So, we will only talk about those types that are taken per os.

Well, let’s start with stimulating drops?
The most famous stimulating drops are, of course, a hit Spanish fly. Natural product.
Bottles look different depending on the manufacturer.

The main active ingredient is cantharidin (cantharin), extract from small, but veeeery affectionate bugs, which was used for seduction even hundreds of years ago.
Spanish fly is produced by different manufacturers, various additive components are added to it (remember about the individual effect, yes?)

In addition to the fly, a lot of other drops are produced.
No less famous yohimbine, and Voodoo, and … in short, there are a lot of them.
These drops don’t have extracts from flies, but they have extracts from aphrodisiac plants. And this also works.
The most famous (proven by years) manufacturers of stimulants are Milan, Hot, Cobeco. Although there are others.

And foreseeing the main question: yes, a stimulant can be poured imperceptibly.
Here, of course, there is a matter of ethics but we all know they do so. And they did so at all times – even when ladies walked in crinolines, young officers were entertained pouring love into ladies’ champagne.
And yes, very often they are bought for this very reason. To be imperceptible.

Here is how it’s done: if stimulating drops are alcohol-based, they are simply poured into something low-alcohol.
If they are not alcohol-based, you can pour them in coffee or tea, just not in ordinary water, they have some color which has to be concealed.
According to the instructions, the dose usually constitutes from 15 to 30 drops.

But here we must remember: stimulants for women (and for men, too) should not be combined with large doses of alcohol.
That is, a couple of glasses of wine or light cocktails – yes, but a bottle of whiskey with a stimulant drunk wholly by a lady – no)
The effect will be smeared, and we do remember about the increase of pressure, don’t we?

And what’s important to understand too is that you won’t have the effect which was whispered about by hot-eyed puberal boys at school, like “a girl was poured twenty drops, and she went nymphomaniac with everyone, without exception of persons”.
These are urban legends. We are adults, eh?

If a lady is jaded and isn’t in tune for anything, then no female stimulant will make her spread her legs apart.
But if you are in an inviting atmosphere, say, on a romantic date, the girl is with a bunch of flowers in a good mood, relaxed, merry, and accidentally ate a stimulant, then a very interesting effect can happen. It will be much easier to seduce her. And she will behave herself much more provocatively)

The secret is that a man too should not be dull or surly and should invite to conversation.

Stimulating tablets (capsules) and powders.
It will be difficult to put them invisibly. Though it’s possible, they can also be soluble (for example, love sugar).
But it’s easier to eat them consciously)
They can be male and female too.
They usually consist of herbal aphrodisiacs with additives. Usually, you should drink 1-2 pieces (or sachets) of it half an hour before the intercourse.

Female stimulating pills cause a desire to have sex (if your husband needs sex more often than you, and you still have to put out well for a new iPhone – well, you understand).
Male ones cause a good erection. In short, they give a boner.

In addition to European companies, such stimulating tablets are also produced in China, and it seems to many people that if it’s a Chinese stuff, then it’s a crap.
No, no and again no! Often, they have inconspicuous names, they are like BAA, but believe me, these BAA are not so simple at all! They work!
The Chinese are an ancient nation and understand something about sex)
No wonder their rulers held thousands of concubines.

Stimulating oral sprays.
Which you should spray in the mouth. Because there are sprays which should be spraied on the genitals, and it’s important not to mix it up.
A stimulating spray is the smallest form of oral stimulants.
They also work, but this form is almost not produced.
In fact, it’s convenient.
For example, you are a girl. You go on a date after work, slightly tired, but you want your eyes to glitter. One or two puffs – and you’re already in good shape.
Or for example, you are a man. If you have plans for tonight, you puff it under the guise of a breath freshener, and you are already toned)

There is also a particularly perverted form – stimulating chocolate. We talked about it above. It can be male and female one.

Love chocolate gives a slight stimulating effect, and it is better to use it as part of foreplay. It’s even beautiful to drink champagne and eat a sweet heart with aphrodisiacs.

In short, try it!
Try and don’t be afraid (only hypertensive people should be careful).
It’s interesting and it works.
You should only find the one that works for you. Sometimes, you literally try something for the first time – and it’s a hundred percent hit; sometimes, you have to try several types and forms before you settle on something.
But there is no doubt that it works.