First anal sex? How to make it comfortable and enjoyable

Anal sex for the first time – is a very important moment both for men and women. If the couple decided to attempt the anal, they need to be in a good mood, and they need to do a special training, as to make this process safe, comfortable and painless, and to give both partners pleasure.

The first important moment – is a mutual consent and an absolute trust.  If woman is afraid of anal games, then she shouldn’t do this only to please her partner.

The second rule – is hygiene. Besides the observing for strict rules of hygiene, you must use a condom for your safety, even if you lean on each other maximally. The bacterial flora of anus differs from the genitourinary system’s  flora, in this reason close contact is inadmissible. After anal penetration, you should use a condom to start a classical vaginal sex.

The third principle – is a tremendous amount of lubricant. When you’re having a classical vaginal sex, a natural lubricant is exuding in the woman, but when you’re having anal games – it doesn’t exist. Saliva will dry up quickly, so it is better for you to buy a special anal lubricant. Try to opt for water lubricants – they will prevent quick latex destruction.

Any lubricant will make your penetration more pleasant! Special anal lubricants with anaesthetic in their composition prevent poignant pain feeling.


You should remember, that as a result of anal sex the risk of getting an infection or genital disorder is increasing at every turn. If you neglect banal hygiene rules, you could receive any genital disease.

If a man lost control in his movements, woman may receive a lot of infractions of her anal orifice: from tiny splits to tremendous breaks, from weakness of sphincter to hemorrhoid.

In any case, it doesn’t matter how passionate or emancipate partners are, you should remember, that you should do it easily, step by step. Start with a frisky foreplay: man should do as much as possible to emasculate the partner. Don’t neglect with oral pleasures and anus stimulation with your tongue and lips.

The best way to start the first penetration is to massage anus with your little finger, then with your index finger: you should move gradually and lovingly. If it is possible, you can use different anal toys:  butt plugs, dilators, balls, even dildos and vibrators. Accessories for sex games have a gradation: from «toys for beginners» to «toys for advanced users».

During the penis induction, you should be very accurate: don’t make precipitous movements and don’t try to fix it entirely, go ahead little by little. Try to keep a close speech contact with your partner: talk to her gently, cheer her up. In case of discomfort or poignant pain, you must stop the penetration and repeat foreplay to calm and relax your woman. Try to keep in mind that true pleasure in anal sex is not in sharp movements, but in the feeling of fullness inside!