First Sex: Truth or Myth?

All boys imagine that their first experience would fulfil their sex dreams and girls expect to see silk linens and roses with candles. Unfortunately this is very unlikely to happen. Still it might happen if you plan it on your own but let’s be realistic that the chance is very slim.  Loosing a virginity – what a stupid phrase! Dear ladies, you are not loosing anything, you are just gaining new sex experience!

Well, theory comes first.

“Tear a hymen with your dick and spill some blood” slogan is stuff and nonsense.

First and foremost, hymen is a myth from old biology schoolbooks. There is a vaginal crown but there is no need to tear it. It is very elastic and it should stretch but not bleed, unless it is tough physiologically. Less than a half of women bleed during a first sex. Bleeding can take place if a girl is stressed, not aroused and nervous. So it can’t be considered as a victory sign. Furthermore if there is enough moisture, if a girl is relaxed and aroused, there might be no discomfort at all! Yeah, just think about it! But now I will shock you even more: first sex can bring a girl to an orgasm! Obviously, it can happen only in the right hands. Boys have no problems with orgasm during their first sex, while women even with many years of experience can live without an orgasm at all. So I pay more attention to girls, since we are more complex.


Strongly recommend to study the materiel before making sex. For example, if you think that ladies have only one hole and don’t know what a clitoris is, if your only schoolbook was porn and you don’t even know about contraceptives and menstruations (such questions were a part of my first time, so yes, it is real), then run for good anatomic articles and explanations! Don’t dare to touch a girl until you learn where clitoris is or to touch a boy until you learn how a penis looks like. Otherwise you can be sure to face a failure and wonderful and best moment in life will turn into a bag of hangups and lack of trust to this action at all!

Now after a short biology insight I will tell how to prepare to first sex and to make it at a very high level:

– Make sure to have contraceptives. Condoms are the rescue from diseases and pregnancy! Of course there are lots of other contraceptives and ways of protection

– Privacy and enough time. Romantic atmosphere and trust would not be built on knowing that parents are behind the wall or expecting someone to enter at any time.

– First experience should be shared with someone you know, with someone you feel good and comfortable with. You might be shy but the right person will help to overcome it. You should not do it just for the love of action itself.

– Willingness not only to have pleasure but to give pleasure as well. Don’t be selfish!

– If you reached the third base before it and you know the sensitive parts of your partner, it will significantly help in foreplay.

It is better not to use toys during the first time. Even if you used them for masturbation (which is great because it means that you know your body), still you should leave them at home when having the first sex. For now just stay face to face with your lover. And when you find out what you like and which feelings you would like to add, then feel free to come to us.