Forfeits: how joyfully variegate your sex life

Forfeits is a game familiar to all of us from childhood. Such cards and dice, something like a board game where you need to perform the tasks. Erotic forfeits is a way to get to know each other, to bond, to introduce some novelty into your relationship, to relax, to try new kinds of pleasure.

The forfeits can be divided into several types: there are light variants, suitable for flirting, it’s something like manuals for the young Casanova, This game can be a present for an office party or anniversary, they do not oblige to anything, don’t have TOO dirty tasks. These games are very popular in clubs and on parties. Do you remember your feelings when playing “spin the bottle”? Feel it again!

Speaking of “spin the bottle”, some of the forfeits are kissing. They are about different kinds and history of kisses. Thai, Chinese, French and such you have never heard of before, we swear!

The next forfeits are erotic-petting, they are something between kissing and dirty. They suit to almost everyone and are the most common. These cards include ways of leisure before sex, secrets of erotic massage and other tricks for bringing notes of spice in the usual home sex.

The last type of forfeits is extreme, dirty. This game was designed for those who have tried everything or at least thinks so. The cards include techniques and postures. They contain flame, lust, and passion. This is a game for true lovers.
All boxes have their own content and different types of game. You can find masks or whips inside – think of them as of supporting elements and just pleasantness.

What’s the point?
Forfeits are good in the way you don’t need to strain your brain or surf the Internet. Here you are the whole deck with ways to spend a great evening!
You can play fair and comply ALL the tasks, or you can sit down and choose something interesting for both of you at the moment. In short – there are numerous variants of this game.

And about the rules…
The number one rule: Relax and have fun! Leave decency for those who already can`t have sex.