Fun Toys Geisha Balls: working without days off!

I am showing vaginal balls Geisha Balls. I would even say these are not just balls, this is a set for Kegel exercises with everything you need.


Only a lubricant is missing but many customers of adult stores already have it, and those who don’t can choose the one to their liking, luckily there are plenty of them, and not only next to vibrators, but also at a pharmacy nearby.


The balls have a silicone strap and silicone works well with a water-based lubricant.


Why do I call Geisha Balls a set? There are four balls of a different weight but same diameter in the packaging. Plastic frame can be removed, and underneath you will find a pouch for storage and a user manual.




The light pink ball weighs 24 grams and is the lightest one.

The following one is the intense pink, close to fuchsia ball weighing 34 grams.

The light purple ball weighs 44 grams and is the penultimate in regards to the weight.

The heaviest one is the purple ball that weighs 56 grams.


You will find a detailed algorithm of how to work with the balls in a colorful designer user manual.


  1. Take the balls and the strap for them. Select what level you will start your exercise from, what weight of the balls you will prefer from the table. I suggest the beginners start with the lightest balls of 24 and 34 grams, those who already have good experience of using the balls you can take the heavier balls, such as those of 34 and 44 grams.



2. Gently stretch the silicone base with your fingers and insert the balls you have selected in it. If no luck, use some lubricant.


3. Spread the silicone base to remove hillocks which can later disturb you.


4. Put a couple of drops of a lubricant on each ball, distribute it evenly over the surface. That’s all, you can start training.


[Pic.: Use water-based lubricants]

Walk with the balls inside for a while. Let your body get used to them.

Start squeezing the balls once you have made sure that you don’t feel any discomfort with them inside. At first you can feel nothing at all, don’t worry and continue training. If you use the balls starting at least from 15 minutes a day, a week later the results will be not long in coming. I highly recommend you to use the balls longer if possible – one very good gynecologist said that a woman should contribute about 2 hours a day to this exercise. It’s fun, they rattle inside amusingly during movements – you can feel it with your muscles, blurred warmth and the balls swinging back and forth in the vagina.


Once you have started to feel the balls inside you at each compression or tension of the muscles, you can pass on the next level of training. Altogether, Fun Toys offers 5 different steps on the staircase to the queen of orgasm.


The balls are packed in a beautiful designer box, there is a silicone strap in its upper part with two most light balls already inserted into it; in the lower part, you will find the two remaining balls. The weight of each ball is indicated in the hollow beneath it – it is convenient and practical.


The packaging is worth special attention, it is made very comfortably and is suitable for further storage of the Geisha Balls set. It is equipped with magnets and is simply and securely closed. And what a design!


The transformer packaging was even nominated for the most prestigious award in the field of design. The artist Elena Miloserdina, an expert in the field of erotic art, was specially invited to develop the images on the packagings. All beautiful abstractions are her work.