How to choose a masturbator?

Do you need to miss out on pleasure if your partner has a headache or if you are in a long trip? Obviously, you don’t. Sex is not just a physiological necessity but also a good stress relief and a way to relax. It is not only about how it feels, but also can prevent from stasis in lower pelvis area.

Undoubtedly sexual relaxation can be achieved manually. Using such device as a masturbator will make it feel almost like real act. While choosing such device you should pay attention to the following specifications: material, type and size.
Modern materials are used in production of masturbators, which helps to make it feel very realistic.
– PVC is the most affordable choice. Masturbators made from this material are not expensive but they are also not long-living and have a specific smell.

– Gel is the material which is smooth to the touch and it has no smell.
– Cyberskin is an amazingly realistic material which requires good care.
– Silicone is soft, endurable and waterproof material. Though masturbators made from this material are pretty expensive, the price is absolutely reasonable because of magic feelings and long-lasting performance.
On the shelves of sex shops you would definetely find a model of the appropriate size which will satisfy your desires.

Types of masturbators
Producers of these sex toys care not only about those who prefer classic vaginal sex but about those who choose oral and anal variants.
– artificial vaginas are soft, gentle and affordable. They are a really good imitation of sexual act. Simple vagina models are made as a hollow pipe, which grasp a pennis skintight.
– Lips of the masturbator are made from soft materials. They are smooth to touch, good stretching and skintight in the right areas.
– anus-type mastrubators for anal games lovers. They gently grasp your genitals and the inner relief will stimulate the pennis additionally.
– combined model will not limit you in desires. You can always switch between one sex type to another while having great pleasure.

To feel even greater pleasure you can purchase a realistic masturbator which will copy genitals of famous pornstars or you can choose a model with vibration and notice that it feels even better.