How to choose anal lubricant? What should you know?

Though a subject of anal sex is popular now, many people still don’t know how to approach it. While some women already enjoy it with modern vibro-plugs, others suffer from the memories of the first unsuccessful times.

Do you know what the secret is? Of course, tenderness and deliberateness of your partner. Lubrication!


I find anal lubricant in many unexpected places… But not where it should be)
For example, I saw when anal lubricant was used while transferring a tattoo to the skin, treating pimples, for massage. I saw it at a gynecologist’s office and even at seminars on breastfeeding. In PE room, at school…

But I never saw it on a bed-side table! And never in a drawer of this table! But there are vaseline, baby cream, lip balm, body lotion and stuff like that. Oh! Have you seen the ingredients, guys? Should I also talk about possible destruction of condoms? Should I talk about spoilage of sex toys, a lovely gentle silicone layer? Also, you’d better not slobber or move natural lubrication from the lower place to the upper one. It’s useless. It dries quickly. It’s possible injuries and discomfort.


In short, throw away all this dirt. And never use it for anal sex! Let’s pass on directly to the lubricants.

I’m often asked whether it is possible to use a lubricant that one already has at home and not buy anything special. The answer is: of course, it is possible but lubricants which are used for vaginal sex or with sex toys are usually water-based and have simple ingredients. Such lubricants will improve the slip but the gel structure is quite fluid, not sticky and dries quickly. Therefore, you will have to break away from the business from time to time in order to lubricate a cherished place as it is understood that anal sex doesn’t happen fast.

Anal lubricants, too, can be water-based. What is the difference? The ingredients. Anal lubricants have better slip, antiseptic and healing properties, there are also anaesthetic anal lubricants or lubricants with a cooling effect and also relaxing lubricants. Remember: when using a water-based lubricant, even a special one, always look to its amount and your sensations. Anal sex should be comfortable.

Anal lubricants can also be silicone-based. They are perfect for those who want anal sex without a condom. And beginners in anal sex. Because the gel will stay where you will smear it. They are not washed out and not dried for a long time. They are suitable for using with some toys – such as plastic, glass or steel ones. DO NOT USE this type of lubricant with silicone and cyber skin!