How To Get a Bigger Penis

One of the most frequent questions asked by the modern men is “How to make penis bigger?”. There are plenty of rumors concerning this sensitive issue. There are lots of misleading data thanks to a great number of spam letters and sites, which offer to buy corresponding medications or devices. In this article, we are going to discover the truth and finally find out, if it is possible to make the phallus larger.

Before we start, we want to stress once more that the length of the manhood thing is not that important for the pleasure during intercourse especially taking into account the position of the partners. Nevertheless, we desire to present you several methods and exercises, which might be useful for making penis bigger.


How to make penis bigger -

1. Jelqing

This technique is a traditional way of penis enlargement, which has been used for centuries. For this method, you need tensioners and weights. It is also possible to use your own hands. Just keep stretching it slowly taking the tip. As a result, the muscle fibers get split. It works almost the same as the growth of the body-builders’ muscles when they rehabilitate themselves after training.

This method is doubtful, as information about its effectiveness is different on various resources. One of the most often claims that the technique works slowly and takes time to come into effect.

Considering the efficiency of the method described, it is dubious. It is connected with doubtful nature of the muscles repair theory, as it is built on their damage. What’s more, the phallus is not a muscle and it does not even contain them. Thus, such method has no sense according to the biological point of view.

2. Tablets

Medicines used for that are usually made of natural elements such as herbs, which are mixed to reach certain effect. Their primary goal is the intensification of the blood current to the penile region. However, the pills might also contain various types of components, which are not regulated or tested. The research of the composition is poor, so their safety is dubious either. Besides, different side actions can occur in different people.

The effectiveness of pills for penis enlargement is not proved. We can even say they do not work. Thus, their popularity is based on a successful marketing strategy only.


How to make penis bigger -

3. Pumping method

To use this technique, it is required to place penis into a special pump that you can buy in the sex shop. Then let the air out, while the device will do the rest of work for you based on physics.

The principle of this method is simple. It creates a vacuum around your phallus. As a result, the blood flow gets more intense, while the blood vessels and the corresponding cavernous bodies become expanded.


How to make penis bigger -


The effectiveness of such method is disputable. On the one hand, penis really becomes significantly bigger. On the other hand, the effect is temporal and lasts only while you are using a pump. When you take your manhood item out, it adopts the same form and size as before. There are no proofs of any long-term effects of the pumping method. At the same time, such technique is very advantageous for those, who suffer from the erectile dysfunction. Such males can use a pump to make their penis bigger, then put on an erectile ring and remove a device before the ejaculation.

Thus, their phallus can stay in an erect state during the entire intercourse. There are a few other positive moments discovered by users of the method. Nevertheless, don’t forget that the prolonged application of rings or pumps might lead to serious problems. It is better to consult a doctor before their usage.


How to make penis bigger -

4. Surgery

It is a procedure, which allows augmenting the size of a phallus. There are several kinds of operations, each of is based on certain principles depending on the desired result. Consider some of them:

– fatty tissue transplantation (it can be taken from the other part of the body and applied to the penis shaft)

– disconnection of the supporting ligaments.

Both variants have drawbacks. As for the first one, it makes the penis look awkward, while the effect vanishes in about a year (as soon as the fat is fully metabolized). The second operation can add a few millimeters to the length. However, the problems with erection might stay and even develop.

Surgery can lead to the incurred damage. Moreover, permanent enlargement after the procedures is not proved. Having observed possible risks, very few men are ready for the operation.


How to make penis bigger -


Considering the information presented above, we can say that there are no safe and effective ways to make penis bigger. All of the techniques are connected with risks, while their effects are temporary. Some of the popular methods do not work at all. The only way to reach the desired result is to use a phallus ring. The latest is able to make penis thicker, bigger, harder, and more sensitive. The effect is achieved by blocking the bloodstream in and out. The action of such ring is not permanent but it is real and proved by many males all over the world.