How to satisfy your girl and not to be a «quick draw»

Perhaps, for someone it will be pleasant news. Be sure, that every man can make a great success in sexual relationship. Well, or most everybody. The main thing is not to forget about basic reasons, which cause failures. Of these there are lightness, selfishness, and sometimes some corporal defects.



Men are a lot easier, unlike women! For «macho», as a rule, sex is a way of getting satisfaction and nothing more. And that is the main problem! Woman, conversely, enjoys not only the physical contact, but also sensations and the atmosphere that reigns between partners. Therefore, if you want to be sex macho, you should learn how to be romantic and affable.


15-minutes prelude with conversations and easy stroking is very important thing. It helps woman to stay unclose with you and to trust you with her whole body. From skin-deep caresses try to slip into decisive actions. For example, try to do some petting, vaginal caresses or erogenous zone’s stimulation. By the way, it will help you to get horny too. It will be surprise for you, that woman can get an orgasm even from your touches.



During the sex itself, it is very important to be on the top. It is a great insult – to finish everything in five minutes. If you didn’t have sex for a long time or you have any problems with erection, you should use special aids before the process. It can be different creams, ointments or tablets. But the best thing is the penis pump, which will increase the size of your penis, and also it will prolong sexual act and make it more sensual.


But even if you manage to bring your partner a great orgasm, it doesn’t mean that she will remain about you a good opinion. A great number of guys leave their beloved right after sex! It is a tremendous mistake! If man usually loses his interest after sex, woman, conversely, is ready to continue with calm conversation, embraces, dreams or just romantic silence.



A great number of guys get off after sex! It is a great sin from their side. In fact, calm conversations after sex can be very useful for both partners. During this time you can get information about what the woman has like the most and on what sexual experiments she is ready.


In fact, it is not difficult to be present in girl’s mind like «macho»! But it is important to remember about abovesaid rules. Even, if it was the sex without obligations, you should know how to solve the situation handsomely, and how to leave only positive memories about yourself. And don’t forget aboutpenis pump! Eventually, sexual achievements should please you too.