How to take care of the underwear?

Dear women, do you still boil clothes? Then we go to you!

I’m eager to share directions on preservation of the original attractive appearance and excellent quality of underwear with the world.


The first thing you need to know is don’t wear your underwear out. Don’t drag your bra about to ugly wrinkled condition and blackened straps. You don’t have to wash the bra right away after you take it off. Wear it a day or two, then change it to another one, and let that one be aired. You can wash it after 3-4 times of such short wearings. You should optimally have about 5 good bras suitable for every day.

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Ideally, the underwear should be washed by hands. Only in this way it won’t be subject to quick deformation. Also, don’t overdo with the amount of detergent, don’t add bleach – it destroys elastane and the underwear turns into a rag. After washing, always rinse the underwear thoroughly leaving no wash powder lumps and soap stains.

If you have very little time, choose the optimum mode on your washing machine, delicate or hand wash, fast and non-aggressive programs. All this takes me about 15-20 minutes in a modern washing machine by samsung brand.


About detergents. I have a wide range of them – baby liquid wash powders (delicate), special detergents for washing underwear (note – there is lack of them in Russia), hypoallergenic fragrance free wash powders, gentle soap. You can even wash it with baby shampoo – I often did this, I took my underwear into the shower and there I soaped it with shampoo – I didn’t have much time during that time – but my underwear is still alive.

Why don’t I like usual wash powders? They are poorly soluble in water, sometimes leave stains, hardly wash off and their lumps deform underwear.

I would also specify regarding the water temperature – choose a moderate one, about 30 degrees in the machine. Too hot water stretches and spoils the elasticity of the products.

Don’t wash the underwear with your husband’s socks, jeans or linen. You can wash your panties only with baby clothes or nylon tights – as expensive and delicate.


If you have a chance, wash your underwear in the machine in special covers and containers having previously fastened all the hooks. ALWAYS FASTEN HOOKS. You don’t need a serpentine tangle after washing, do you?


About drying the underwear. No mechanical means, hairdryers and radiators. Only fresh air. High temperatures destroy the fabric of underwear. So a special dryer for your panties is similar to torture.


About ironing, in the end. Panties should be ironed! Especially in those places where they contact with your genitals. This is about hygiene. But be careful and choose the most minimal temperature mode on the iron. You can also gently steam your underwear suspended.


I really hope that you keep your underwear in a separate drawer and it is put neatly there. I will give you a piece of advice on bras – “a cup in a cup” is only suitable for soft bodices, but bras, push-ups and dense foam cups are best kept standing attaching one model to another.