Magic G-spot: the Secret of Pleasure

People name G-spot in different ways: “female trigger”, “Grafenberg spot”, “12 hours area”, “G-area”. Still no matter how you name it, the essence remains the same: this is the most sensitive part of female body.

However much the scientists tried to isolate it, the conclusion is one and the same: the hypersensitivity of the precious G-spot is explained by the fact that the nerve chain passes from the clitoris to the spinal cord through this area. To find and excite it is comparable with elegant arts.


For the first time the secret spot was found by German gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg back in the 1950s. However, they named the cherished spot in honor of its pioneer: G – Grafenberg.

The scientist assumed that this small ball on the front wall of the vagina is located at a depth of 2.5 to 7.6 cm, between the urethra and the pubic bone (the anterior wall of the vagina).



Since the woman’s vagina is a birth canal its inner walls are devoid of nerve endings. Everything is logical because the excessive sensitivity would lead to the death of a pain shock in the process of childbirth.

Therefore, clots of nerve endings are located directly at the entrance to the vagina, in the clitoris itself and in famous G-spot (the size of which is 1-2 cm).


Well, let’s figure it out how to find it? Many people find it difficult, because they can’t find it at once. But do not despair, the most important thing is to be persevering and patient 🙂


If you want to search for it together, it’s better for a woman to lie on her back and spread her legs. And now, however strange it may sound: try to imagine the dial of the clock around the vagina.

In the position of “twelve o’clock” at a depth of 1 finger phalanx on the wall of the vagina you will be able to grope for the G area. It seems that everything is simple, but it’s far from being so!



To find the Grafenberg spot in the state of rest of the female body is not so simple. The best time to search is right after a woman’s orgasm. Your partner should be patient, gentle and considerate if he wants to find it. It’s better for him to caress the clit and at the moments of excitation the “pea” grows and becomes the most sensitive.

Since the spot is located near the urethra, the first touches may not feel to be pleasant, and even cause urge to urinate. But, do not rush to give up what you started! Try gently and gradually adjust the tempo and the degree of pressure on the area, carefully watching the behavior of the woman. And literally in a minute the unpleasant sensations will disappear giving way to pleasure.



Congratulations, if you have achieved the right result! Now we offer you to experiment) You can combine massage of G-spot with clitoral and even anal caresses. You are supposed to achieve unreal pleasure and the power of orgasm will increase at times!


If you are embarrassed or aimed to make life easier for your partner, you can try to find the G-spot yourself. After all, no one knows your body, better than you. To make everything as pleasant as possible, take care of the atmosphere: a hot bath, a pleasant smell, a relaxed body … And then you can call a partner if you of course want him to join.)



To study each other’s body is one of the most entertaining things. Having achieved a visible result, you can experiment, discover new sensations, fill the sexual life with bright colors. Good luck searching!)