On men’s secrets: erogenous zones

In a previous post we talked about women, now about men. We should never forget about men. And even despite the fact that men get excited much quicker and after a couple of minutes they are ready to move on to the dessert or to get you to the desired condition, is this a reason to forget about the foreplay for them? Sex is not an entertainment that you can enjoy for free. The two must work in sex, always.

It’s more difficult for men than women. You have to show, open and tell many of them that the world actually doesn’t spin around penis, there are many other interesting zones. Also, men often can’t really explain what caress they like and where they like it. It is unusual for them. Of course, there are always individuals for whom it’s important to tell a woman about their spots and flames, but the majority of men are willing to have sex anywhere, anytime, and foreplay is not particularly important for them.

To establish a close connection with a man and bring your sexual relationships to a new level, pay attention to erotic massage or relaxing strokes.

In this article, I want to raise your sex life to a new level and suggest interesting areas which you should pay attention to at the time of erotic massage or a show – a moment when you want to surprise or diversify relationships.


So, male erogenous zones, as well as female ones, fall into primary and secondary.

Primary zones are penis, glans, scrotum, anal sphincter.

Secondary zones, of course, will be considered in more detail. If you start with the penis, everything else will lose its colours, so forget about it and go deep into the study of the areas that I will offer you.

HAIR: As women’s scalp, men’s scalp is quite gentle. Don’t pat on his head, otherwise you will turn into his mommy. You’d better scratch it, pull the hair, tickle or give a light massage.

FACE: A man’s face is completely an erogenous zone. Lips are very sensitive, with a light kiss you can gently lick them putting your tongue in his mouth a little bit, and with a passionate kiss you can touch his gums with your tongue. Eyelids and temporal region are also quite sensitive to touch, massage your partner’s temples after a hard day – he will be grateful. Ears are also a separate topic for conversation, men like kisses behind the ear conch, biting of the ear lobe, and even if you carefully get into the ear with your tongue, it is unlikely he will switch to negative emotions.

NECK: A place on it is called Adam’s area for a reason. Just try to kiss it.

ARMS AND LEGS: Toes are a place not less intimate than the genitals, and not less sensitive. Also, don’t forget about spaces between toes, folds of the elbows and knees, strong men’s shoulders. The main thing is to be gentle, confident and careful.

BREAST: Some men like it when women squeeze their strong breast and give attention to nipples, though not all men have sensitive nipples. You can also stroke a man from the breast to the belly as a cute beastie.

BELLY: Great place for a massage! Especially clockwise. Men’s belly-button is sensitive too, and of course the area below.)

BACK: Especially a cat spot between the shoulder blades and a dimple on the spine. You can pass gently on his back with your breast, hands, lips, nails or a piece of ice.

BUTTOCKS: Yes! Yes, men really like the interaction with their booty, especially buttocks. The most important is not to be shy.

I’ve heard a lot of opinions that boys don’t need strokes. This is wrong. Boys like tenderness the same as we do. Of course, they also like squeezes, kisses, bites and even slaps but don’t forget that women’s hands are originally meant for tenderness.