On women’s secrets: erogenous zones

I often say here that sex is a very important aspect of relationships. One of the most important aspects. It allows you to resolve conflicts in the family, to improve relationships, to push financial and emotional problems into the background, and allows each partner to relax.

I would also like to discuss women who live or are temporarily without men. Stress tends to accumulate, so that we need sexual relaxation. We usually use our hands, sometimes vibrators, some women prefer to wait patiently for a prince in black leather. I would say that a woman who is satisfied at any period of her life is a woman who has learnt herself.

What am I going to write about? About acquaintance with the female body. Or rather its erogenous zones.


Erogenous zones fall into two categories: primary and secondary.

Primary zones are the most banal ones, men found out about them long time ago and actively emphasize them. Breast, labia minora, clitoris and vaginal walls.

Dear men, in order to excite your woman well, these zones are not enough. Especially if you consistently caress ONLY them.

An extract from a women sex survey, “My body responds to caresses of my partner in the morning very bad. Perhaps it’s because I get very tired and it’s hard for me to wake up. Or perhaps it’s because my partner immediately gets into my panties, and after a 5-minute job in my panties we go directly to the 5-minute sex. I think this is not enough but I feel shy to tell him.”

Women! Don’t feel shy! Getting the hand into panties is really not enough for excitement, especially if you are together for more than a year and have got used to each other.

Secondary erogenous zones are absolutely various places on your body, individual for everyone, but in general we can write down a few common ones. How to define this place? Passing the fingers gently over it you can feel a slight tickling and excitement.

I highly recommend both men and women to study their erogenous zones carefully. Because sex is boring and monotonous without them. And here you have a whole field for experiments, you can even play Battleship on it.

The main female erogenous zones:

HAIR: To clarify – rather not even hair but a scalp. An erogenous zone which can be touched without undressing. Have you noticed that sitting in a hair salon you enjoy sensations during shampooing, massage or when passing the hands over hair? And also an outrageous excitement when a man pulls your hair during sex. Or when you are just gently patted on your head. And if you take a special massager for a scalp, you are sure to get a few minutes of unreal pleasure.

EYELIDS: Just a very gentle place with a lot of nerve endings. Do you enjoy it when you put make-up on your eyes or tickle your eyelids with a brush? And you close your eyes when you kiss. They say that it is a sign of love and rise of your relationships.

TEMPORAL REGION AND EARS: Both of these zones are very delicate and sensitive, and the ear conch, according to medical professionals, is unique in this regard. Massage, biting, licking of these zones usually give very pleasant sensations.

NECK: Simple and clear: there is nothing more sexy, sensual and beautiful than a woman’s neck. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss.

ARMS: Do you know why in the Middle Ages women hid their shoulders with puffy bouffant sleeves and wrists with thick gloves? Women hid these tender places from gentlemen because they were confused with the feeling of lust while kissing. Nowadays, modern women are less shy and boldly open both shoulders and wrists.

BELLY: Many women feel shy of their figure and belly, they don’t let men touch it. But they shouldn’t be shy – it’s a very bright erogenous zone, especially the area around the belly-button. You can press the belly or hold the waist firmly, as if saying, “You are mine, and you won’t run away from me!” Any touch to these places leads to a reaction.

FROM BELLY-BUTTON TO PUBIS: Should I say that you don’t even have to think here? Just pass your fingers up and down, intentionally not touching the genitals. A woman will want such a partner very much.


BUTTOCKS: A man chooses whether to kiss them, squeeze or spank. A woman has no choice – only pleasure.


INNER SIDE OF THIGH: It is a pretty delicate area too, although its sensitivity is different depending on a person – for someone it is just enough to stroke it, and someone needs several tender kisses.

It’s a very delicate area which can and should be included in sex games. Pass your fingers on it a few times, look at the reaction of the body. One women like kissing in this area and others enjoy biting.

KNEE JOINT AREA: Pay attention specifically on the fold – the skin is very thin there, thin and sensitive. Be original, get a woman’s heart through her knee.

FEET: If a woman is not too ticklish (although skillful hands can even tickle nice), she can discover another place of pleasure – feet, toes and the spaces between them. The best area for kisses.


Having made the places clear, let’s now talk about the sequence of interaction with them. NEVER start caresses directly from the genitals. No passion, just platitude and disappointment, and we don’t need this. The best thing you can do is to drive a woman into a state when she will beg you to fuck her. Any experienced lover will tell you this.

If your couple has already tried everything, touched everything and you are bored, replace your hands and lips with some special and non-special accessories. Massagers, feathers, whisks, whips, soft lashes. You can take something from the household. Be creative!