Perfume with pheromones. How it works?

Perfume with pheromones. How it works?

Perhaps, every woman has little secrets which can attract a person of the opposite sex.

Well, pheromones are the special substances produced by tissues of human and animal activity. They have the fine grain of volatility, so that they easily pass on the air from the human body. Our nose easily catches them in the air and then send special signals to the brain.

These substances have no flavour, but they can greatly enhance the desire between partners.

Such lexical unit as “pheromone” descended from the Greek language. “pheromone”  means «attracting hormone».



Perfume  with these substances could be produced for men or women, with aroma or without it. Perfume without aroma is often used with another essences, they even can copy certain popular brands. Anyhow, in the right way the smack should combine with your own smell and shouldn’t be noticeable, only in unconscious level.


In what way these pheromones work?

The first thing is that they disperse all over the whole body during the excitation or increased human activity. So that when you see a beautiful athletic body, your head gets high. And when the man see handsome girl’s body he feels the same.



Yes, your eyes and thoughts can spread love too, but you can’t deceive the nature. So, your nose is sensitized mostly to your partner. If the pheromones of this person inflame your latent sensuality, his appearance turns up more loveable, even in the case if his is rather short.



The secret of this magic is the special vomeronasal organ. It has two little straws in every nostril. From these straws little channels go to this vomeronasal organ. The reaction on pheromones and these words in your head “oh, i want him so much” – it is the main work of the vomeronasal organ.

The scientists think that this organ replies for the “love at first sight” and sexual activity.



Person feels the increase of your pheromones only when he can interest you or allure you. You shed your aroma and your partner feels this wave. If your pheromones fades between each other – you may have a great sex. But if it is not enough level of pheromones in your body, your partner can’t arouse your passion in any way.


How to use a perfume with pheromones?

Almost as well as the other perfume products. Experts recommend to spread them at your “pulse points” – at the neck, at the wrists (sometimes you can put it at the zone of your armpits).



Such perfumes are known everywhere, they have been on the market for more than twenty years. The attitude of the consumer to them remains ambiguous: beginning from the great  reviews to negative statements.