Role-playing games – the embodiment of fantasy

Nobody is born serious and adult. Game experience is a part and parcel of everyone since childhood. Juts remember the process: it was excitement, drive and constant curiosity. A game could cure the worst mood.
Nothing has changes! The more stressful one’s life is, the more joyful is the relaxation. A new role can save you from an everyday routine and engage in a playful atmosphere of a game. This allows to change communication manner between partners, to free yourself, explore and get pleasure.


How to begin?
It is not so easy to tell your fantasies to a partner, isn’t it? Thought about sexy maid dress makes you laugh instead of arousal? Don’t hurry to get rid of roleplay idea because laughing is awesome! 🙂
Most likely you will be embarassed and feeling restraint during the first time, unless you are a great actor. It can be overcome by discussing your fantasies with the partner. Simply create the right atmosphere: candles, wine, dinner, neck kisses… It is the best time to share your passionate desires.

And there is one more important rule: your bedroom is a place without any rules. You invent them yourself, fix and annul them. Well, is it a place for embarrassment? You are not standing in erotic costume at the square full of  people, you are standing in your own bedroom!



How to prepare and choose right role

To think over the whole process ahead of the game – is a guarantee of calm and self-confidence. Especially this rule works with the first experience.

Firsly you should choose the game dynamics. The most popular is “domination and submission”. For example, a sexy mistress-nurse tells her patient to take off his pants, or hot raper, who mauls the girl near the wall and closes her mouth with the hand.

Less popular, but also very interesting game dynamics – is “savior and rescued”. A fireman, who saves girl from the burning house, or a cop, who asks you to pay the fine with your body.

If you can’t choose your role, try to think about what excites you the most, in what way you want to feel yourself. By the way, if the person always gives orders to another people in his normal life, then at the unconscious level he wants to give the whole control to the partner.



One more important aspect – is the selection of costume. You can’t fully enter the role without dressing! Think about the accessories prior to the game. Imagine, how awkard it would be if you invent how to embody the stethoscope during the action. And a policeman who doesn’t have any handcuffs – is really funny)

So, please don’t forget that the role-playing game is the seduction. You flirt with your partner during the game, you both are forestating of passionate sex.



Some rules to do it on your best

Don’t be afraid to be nervous!  Your discomfort is a flavour of the upcoming game. More emotions, more passion!

Don’t change your clothes in front of each other! There must be intrigue and surprise in the game.

Patience and tact! You are crossing the line, entering the new level. A silly joke can spoil the impression.

Discuss the rules before the game! Who will dominate, who will obey. Who will resque, who will be resqued.  And of course, discuss before the game which actions will be unpleasant for you both. The game should bring only pleasure.



The role-playing game – is not only a part of sex itself, but it is an entire wonderful world of pleasure, it is a way to inquire yourself better, to make the prelude unusual and exciting. So, try it, you will like it 🙂