Searching for your perfect sex partner

Have you ever noticed that when a person is not satisfied with something in his (or her) bed, he is eager to get in someone`s else bed? If there is little sex, something goes wrong, you can’t get excited or you don’t want to have sex with this partner, to find a replacement is a step on the same rake after a short period of time, and in most cases, it is accompanied by spiritual experiences and psychological disorders.
And why do people at some point stop enjoying the process, getting pleasure from what they already have? After all, any process requires attention, skills, training. Yes, you need to watch and read about sex too.

Are you able to assemble a realistic tank model without any instructions? I doubt it.
So, sex is the same skill. If you want to get pleasure, you need to try hard. At least you need to train, get some experience, go through some sexual cycles to get to know each other and your bodies, and then to develop the capabilities of each specific sexually.
And sensitivity in sex does not come immediately, it’s some old secret that is rarely mentioned, but this is the way it works. Many women talk about their first orgasms only after the birth of the child. Perhaps this is the case of anatomical or biological processes, hormonal background, but it is really common.
And certainly, it is not enough to be just a good lover, no matter what techniques you have in stock, the ace in the sleeve will not lead to anything if it’s not what your partner wants. Learn at least to talk about sex. Try to find out what your partner wants.
Yes, in search of the female orgasm and that point, the existence of which scientists have not proven to date, we can exactly compute several standard erogenous zones: the clitoris, the vagina and its walls, the cervix, the area of the vestibule of the vagina, the perineal area, groin, anal area, oral area, the chest.

There are people who have the whole body involved in the process and there is no clear localization, so we need to develop a system: to kiss here, to scratch there, to caress here.

And of course, the sensitivity is completely different!
For example, a usual Chinese vibrator with batteries is enough for somebody, and the other people need at least a Hitachi original to get satisfied.
Girls complain that they get the orgasm only in the clitoral area. Well, guys, what’s wrong with that? Or is it not an orgasm? Maybe you’ve been watching porn too much and are too passionate about the promotion of vaginal orgasm?
I`ll open a secret: the G-spot of each woman has different size and is placed in a different distance. You can randomly find this spot in a new position or a new sex toy, not the fact that you’ll cum after buying the first advertised toy “specifically for G-spot”.
We can also talk endlessly about the absence of sexual desire – stresses, fatigue, work influence the libido. When you want to drink cold lemonade, eat pizza and watch a movie under the blanket – there is no desire for hot sex. You need to wait and get the right mood.
Not all of us are able to discharge by sex. You just need to accept it. Pleasure in sex is directly linked to your emotional state.
Women are somehow embarrassed to say to men during sex that the good idea is to pay special attention to the clitoris. Statistics shows that almost everybody needs to use this area. Among the 100%, only 10% of women can experience both types of orgasm, 20% enjoy the vaginal one, and 70% are satisfied with the clitoris.

Most women experience a fairly quick orgasm from masturbation. Therefore, they need a lot of foreplay. For such cases, millions of clitoral vibrators with different rhythms and capacities are sold.
Just hand the toy to your partner and do not think that he has cum, and you have not. The man must understand that the woman is here not just to lie next to him.

The next problem in our list is a weak erection. A few minutes of sex, and up to half an hour on lifting the penis. Sometimes the woman is so close to orgasm and hopes for the second round, but it doesn’t work. Frankly, it is unlikely the man will go with this problem to the doctor, so be content with cock rings and sprays or condoms with extenders, all that stuff makes the erection harder, prolongs sexual intercourse and postpones the men’s final.
We make sex not just to get pregnant, but also to get pleasure. So let it be conscious. If there is a problem, solve it, if you don’t enjoy sex, you must understand why it happened so, otherwise, you’ll turn into neighbors.
Our sex clearly displays our relationship, if the sex fades the relationship wither. When a couple has brilliant sex, it also has love and harmony. When there is no sex, then one ego fights another. This path is far not to everyone’s liking. Work on your sex no less than on your career, and then everything will be balanced.