Sex-dolls for men: pleasure accessible to everyone

Sex-dolls perfectly imitate woman’s body in full growth! They also have a mouth, vaginal and anal holes. They duplicate human body incompletely, but, however, properly performed genital zones can give an unearthly pleasure.

More realistic models of dolls are made of latex or cyber skin, they look extremely naturalistic, and contact with them is close to the impressions of real sex with partner or may even exceed it. Some sex dolls are equipped with a vibrator, that is usually controlled by an external device. Sex-dolls differ in different parameters:  kind of a wig, the material, the number of erotic holes. Different inserts are removable or not.

The modern inflatable dolls are models with wigs made of natural hair and they are made of the material similar to human leather.


Types of sex dolls

Depending on the material from which the dolls are made, there are a lot of types of sex dolls: from inflatable simple models with only 3 holes, which simulate female organs, anus and mouth, to mega-realistic products equipped with all sorts of vibrators.

The most realistic toys are made of soft polymers: cybersilicone, gel, latex, silicone, cyberskin and etc. To imitate the human genitals the softest and tenderest materials are taken. This method provides an excellent simulation of the female skin and magical sensations during the sex.These materials are strong, durable, they satisfy all the rules of hygiene. Many models are able to provide the heat of the human body, they warm up quickly to usual temperature of the body, even without any special actions or operations.

Inflatable dolls are made to embody all unusual fantasies and dreams into reality. To have at home a copy of the favorite porn star in her real parameters, an exotic girl or an anime girlfriend will be easy to anyone.This dolls can take any poses in sex, what is more during your favorite kind of sex: oral, anal or traditional vaginal. Couples can use inflatable helper for the thruple – and no one will be jealous 🙂


Safety instructions

During the process of inflation, you should pay attention to the recommended maximum load (weight in kg), which is indicated on the box, it is this weight that your model is designed for.

Don’t inflate the doll too much, not to disrupt the integrity of the materials. Take this into account when you will choose a pose for sex.

Don’t forget about the hygiene – treat your doll before using it for the first time (with antiseptic or with soap and water).

It is recommended to use condoms and a lubricant (water / silicone).

After using the toy, you should wash it. Boiling or treating it with alcohol, of course, is unacceptable.