Sex in the marriage – myth or reality?

Do you know what the most common mistake of a married couple is? Confidence that happiness and passion will last forever. Alas, the eternal love is only sold in bookstores, video rentals, women forums. People believe, they like illusions, but when something starts to happen not as expected they are surprised, lost, fall into a deadlock.

You have to work on your marriage. Everyone has to. Husband, wife, children and parents. Most of all, a husband and wife, of course. You should do your best for the relationships between a man and a woman not to become a routine with endless problems. Yes, there is everyday life, and it is often rather monotonous, yes, everyone gets tired after work, gets stressed, doesn’t always understand what is needed from him/her. As a result, that dreadful word: crisis.


Sex in the family life is one of the main components of happiness, we must remember about this. You want sex not all the time and not everywhere, not every day, and sometimes not even every week. And it is normal. Trust your inner feeling, but if you think there is something wrong, act!

Sexual harmony is the work of a couple, so do your best not to get bored with each other. (1)

Do you remember how fun it was before marriage? And what is now? You can’t wear a dress and heels, because the child is sleeping in the bed, and the mother-in-law is behind the wall? Think, buy beautiful lingerie, watch porn together, eat strawberries, smear youreslf with cream, drink champagne. Arrange marathon – every weekend you make and have a massage with various oils and creams. Have fun, joke, compare. Why not arrange a romantic candlelit dinner? And you can visit a sex shop together. You don’t have to buy something, just let it be one more way for you to get closer. Don’t impose on your partner something that is categorically unpleasant to him/her. Don’t keep silent about your secret desires. Always discuss everything that happens in your bed. Don’t be afraid to talk about sex.


Turn off from life during sex, pull wires out. A typical household problem is to shove day-to-day talks in every free minute. Sex is the time of intimacy, only you and your partner, nothing else. Get all that disturbs you out of your head.

Have sex when you want. A flush – go ahead! Even if it’s not the right time or place, make up something, after all. Any funny memories of the non-standard sex will warm up your relationships for a long time, men remember such moments especially sensitively.

Don’t bring complexes and stereotypes in your bed. This will only hinder you. If you are not satisfied with something, change it, work on yourself. Or learn to love and accept yourself. If you feel yourself great, it will carry over to your partner through your fiery eyes. Be confident in yourself, in your every centimeter. It will be much easier to live in this case.


Kiss, hug and caress each other, hold each other’s hands, take a bath. No need to limit your love by the bed. Every warm minute is a plus to your close connection.

Start building your day in the morning. Tell your partner something gentle, wish a good day, say you love him/her. Say as many pleasant words as possible. And the morning sex is a token of good undertakings!

Don’t ever stop to look after yourself as women in Hollywood. Then you will certainly want to flirt, joke, kiss. And then it’s a short way to the bed.

Respect each other. It is very important. This is the basis of relationships. Also, develop mutual understanding, mutual support, the ability to hear your partner. Don’t always hold your ground. Sometimes you need to be patient.

Take care of each other, it is important. In this way you safekeep your relationships.