Sex traditions in different cultures

Nowadays sex is the international language between people from different countries. But in different times people did it in different ways. I found a lot of interesting facts and stories about sex between men and women all over the world.


Love in the East

In ancient times in some tribes of Kamchatka it was a special honor for the family, if host’s wife spent a night in the guest’s bed. The woman had to please the guest in any possible ways. And if she became pregnant – it was a great holiday for the whole village.

There are a lot of such traditions in other cultures. For example, in Tibet it was believed that if a guest likes someone else’s wife, then to oppose him with it – is a bad sign.

In Tibet the girl is considered good for marriage only when she had changed a few dozens of partners (the girl must to have a sex with at least 20 different men before wedding). Either in Tibet there were a plenty amount of men, or the tradition was working only with foreigners, but travelers were worth their weight of gold. But those who couldn’t defend themselves, aggressive women literally tore to pieces. Therefore, for many of our compatriots, the adventure  to Tibet was the last.

Training of the girl’s vaginal muscles has been practiced since ancient times. It is known that all wives of the Chinese emperor trained their vaginal muscles with the jade eggs. According to the legends, they were able to control their vaginal muscles so skillfully that they could bring a man to orgasm without moving the body.


Love in The South

But the Brazilians from the topinamba tribe went on unbelievable sacrifices to please their ladies. Women liked only tremendous sexual organs.

For this, men in the tribe substituted their penises to poisonous snakes, and after biting, male dignity met the expectations of topinamba women.

In the tribe of Sumatra island was a tradition to put little stones or pieces of metal under the penis foreskin. They believe that it will bring to the partner more pleasure.

In the Baghanda tribe (Eastern Africa) there was a belief that sex directly on the agricultural lands increases their fertility.

But the aborigines choose for that ritual the family couple – parents of twins. This action was held on the chief’s land: a woman lay down on her back, then in her vagina was placed a plantain flower, and her husband had to get it out without any help of hands, using only his penis.

A woman from the valley of the Zambezi River can’t be attractive if her mouth is full of teeth. To become beautiful girl needed to get married.

On the wedding night, the husband turned an “ugly” girl into a beautiful woman, knocking out her front teeth. This custom makes the Batoka woman a good wife and a happy person.


There are a lot of strange traditions all over the world, but it doesn’t make us different. Sex – is sex, even in Africa.