“Shut up honey!” – or do you need a gag

Every man just for once in his life wanted to close the mouth of his soulmate, especially, when she is too loud! A lot of girls can speak too many and can talk about nothing trivial at the wrong time indeed. And sometimes you understand that you have already crossed the line, but you couldn’t stop.


So, we can offer a great idea! Why don’t you shut your sweetie’s mouth not with the rude words but with a real gag? And if you add a rope and handcuffs to the gag, you can also spend a good sexual time and prevent the incipient quarrel. Moreover, everybody knows, that sex after a quarrel is more vivid and emotional.


So let’s think about what kind of gag you need, and do you need it at all?


Gags are so different, gags are so important

If you think that you don’t need any sex toys, you are fully wrong. We think, that your girl wouldn’t like it, if you plug her mouth with your own toe. Therefore, if your partner admits that she would like you to shut her mouth and try a rough sex, you should think about how and with what you will shut this cute mouth.



Women are very emotional, they paint in their heads a picture of how they see their sex. And to understand female’s head is almost impossible. If your deeds differs from the girl’s “dream,” she may take offense at you because you did not understand her wishes and mood.


So, you definitely need a gag, if you and your partner decided to try something harder than usual. Now you should think about the fact that there are a great amount of gags from a lot of different materials. It can be plastic, rubber, metal … In terms of material selection, of course, everything depends on your preferences, but PVC-gags quite often have an unpleasant rubber taste or a specific smell.


How to clasp this miracle?

So, everyone who at least once saw a gag in the movie, understands what it is made from. In fact, the main thing here is the correctly position of the gag in the mouth. The gag can simply ties on the back of the head, it can also be clasps to the hook, button, strap.



In the first-time of the gag using, you should interest to your partner, if she feels comfortable or not.


Of course, such technical points will a little muffle the “buzz” from the action itself, but in the next time you will already remember how to put the gag on and you could focus directly on sex, rather than on the fact that the gag can drop or rub the cheek .