The best oral sex in his life? Your oral sex!

Deep oral manipulation in correct way can deliver an unearthly pleasure to every man. In this article we’ll give you a piece of advice how to achieve perfection in your fellatio.

Good blowjob should be multifarious, giving an unforgettable impression! First of all, set a goal to gratify your partner and you’ll see that stormy orgasm will necessary come.

In ideal way – doing a blowjob is a great deal, so at the very beginning you should take the correct and comfortable position on a bed, sofa or on the floor. Settle down so that you’ll feel comfortable and calm. And let’s start!


1. Male cock – is the most sensible body part. The glans penis is especially sensitive and has a great variety of erogenous zones, impacts on which will send your partner to cosmic world of orgasm.
2. So, you start tenderly envelop glans penis with your lips. But do not touch it with your teeth! Never forget that it is very sensitive and any rough touch can be awful for you boyfriend.
3. Don’t strain the penis foreskin! When the foreskin is badly stretched, you can squash nerve ending in the ferum area (the most sensitive area of the penis head).


4. If you want to do good blowjob, you should hold the penis lightly by your hands. But no more than “hold lightly”! Don’t squeeze or strain penis foreskin, don’t make too frequent and intense motions by your head or hands, and don’t irritate the penis head with rapid tongue stirs.
5. So, your partner’s penis is in your mouth. Don’t hurry! Tenderly hold the penis head with your moist lips…and begin to make measure motions back and forth along the penis.
6. To make an unforgettable blowjob, you should do it not only with your lips, but also with your tongue. Slightly start to press on the frenum area by your tongue, then slowly relax your pressure…and once again press, then relax! Frenum area – is the most important erotogenic zone in the male body.
7. At the moment when your partner is in the seventh heaven, he will emit his sperm straight into your mouth. Don’t stop! You should continue blowjob! As soon as your man finishes, please, stop doing motions with your head and mouth. Try to stop in track for a moment, then remove partner’s penis from your mouth. That’s all!


Generally, it is not too difficult, try not to worry! You should listen to your partner and you’ll fix up with passionate and magic sex trip!