The Future of Sex Toys

According to the assumptions of sexologists, the near future will be closely associated with technologies that will not bypass the sexual relations of people. Rather, on the contrary, you will be called an inhibited freak if you have never tried a sex toy synchronized with your partner’s phone.

Perhaps the variety and brightness of the sensations that robots and devices can provide to you will force you to give up intimacy with a real person in general! Canadian scientists even proposed to allocate a new orientation for people whose sexual enthusiasms are directed to the virtual world.
VR-technology or virtual reality glasses have already conquered the porn industry. Starting from a simple viewing of movies for adults in 3D, ending with the possibility of virtual oral sex. The BlowCast project launched at the end of 2016, allowed to enjoy a blowjob to anyone who has access to the Internet. A toy for sex in the distance and virtual glasses will bring you unreal pleasure.

The idea was realized thanks to Kiiroo partners, whose technologies allow you to read data and transmit it from a distance. And porn industry is not going to stop at this point. If one can experience virtual oral sex now, then just imagine what awaits us!

 Fans of role-playing games are also waiting for the bright future, because soon they are going to be transferred to the Internet platform. Just imagine, all your fantasies can be reproduced in an online game! The American project Camasutra VR is already transferring images of 10 porn actresses to the program so that they can be interacted with the help of haptics. All of this is under development, but there are some achievements already.

 But, perhaps, the most common fantasy about the future is the sex with androids with artificial intelligence. Now it is already possible to produce a doll on customizable parameters, almost the same as a real person, it remains only to give it the mind.

The most advanced doll in this respect is Harmony AI, which is a robotic head that connects to a silicone body. Using the settings in the application, you can customize her voice, temperament and even communicate with her.



The owners of 3D printers already now can enjoy the opportunity to create themselves any sex toy, just what they want! The MarkerLove website provides free models created for your satisfaction.

The advantage of this method of self-satisfaction is absolute privacy and the secrecy of production. It is most probable that soon the sex toys will be created according to individual parameters and tastes!

Well, it looks like the future is preparing incredible opportunities for us: all our desires will be fulfilled and all the whims will be satisfied! The rapid development of technology will not leave aside the sex industry, which means that we will have even more orgasms and pleasures! 😉