The History of Sex Toys

In the modern world, any woman has a huge selection of sex toys to satisfy her sexual desires. Among the range one can find dildos from cyber skin, which resembles the real human flesh, vibrators with the variety of different speeds and modes, and vacuum toys that take you to heaven with pleasure from the effect of sucking… Great choice for literally any taste!

It is worth knowing when the first attempts were taken to create a sex toy, how those toys looked like and in which way they were spread. One can imagine the underground club, equipped with hardly any phallus-like things and the entrance to which was only open for the jet set. Well, let’s find out how it actually was!

According to scientists and archaeologists, the dildo is one of the most ancient inventions of mankind. In Germany, a stone monolith 20 cm long was found, which was supposed to be a toy for sexual pleasures. According to the data it was created for 23 000 years BC. Even in that times people wanted to get the maximum pleasure;)

A little later, each country went its own way in the invention of sex toys. In ancient Egypt dildos were made of gold, silver and bronze, several of which necessarily went with the pharaohs to the afterlife.

In Ancient India artificial phalluses were made from ivory, animal horns, wood, rubber and so on. They were real experimenters;) Of these materials the Indians made dildos in the form of flowers or elephant trunks.

There was lack of imagination for making sex toys in Ancient Greece, but it was their idea to use olive oil as a lubricant. It’s hard to imagine masturbation without lubricants, isn’t it? 😉

It’s unbelievable, but there was a historical period when women were treated with masturbation! We would have definitely loved such methods in medicine nowadays;) But in the Victorian period, when the UK ruled the world, “female hysteria” was recognized as the official disease and an orgasm through stimulation of the genital organs was considered to be the method of its treatment.

Doctors constantly complained of pain in the hands (rather I’m sure there were quite a few who wanted to be treated), and then they started to use hydrotherapy. A stream of water was directed to the clitoris which also led to an orgasm. And in 1880 the first steam vibrator was developed by J Granville. The compact device quickly flew off the shelves, and magazines even wrote reviews on the device.

Under the pretext of medical treatment, another type of sex toy was distributed. In 1892, a certain Frank Young developed a “rectal expandor” (today referred to as butt plug) which was 12 cm long. The expander was advertised as an effective remedy for haemorrhoids and many other diseases associated with the anus. The toy was advertised in well-known magazines and was given directly to doctors. For 40 years the expander was sold as a medical device, before it was banned because of “unscrupulous advertising” as it contained the juicy instruction with details of how to get pleasure from the process.

People called them the balls of Orgasms, Venus balls or in other words, Geisha balls. It is unknown where the idea of vaginal balls came from in Japanese culture, but the oldest of them, 4000 years old, were found in Asia.

However, until the 20th century, the secrets of their use were hidden in the palaces of different rulers. The balls were endowed with magical properties and magical abilities. They were used for additional stimulation during sex, and also during masturbation. It is possible that due to the balls, the geishas were considered to be the best lovers, because thanks to this toy the intimate muscles become more elastic!

It seems that from the beginning of time to nowadays people are continuously searching for new ways to satisfy their desires. Now it’s hard to imagine our life without sex shops and toys. After going a long way from stone toys and medical devices, they can now please anyone without a doctor’s order or harm to health, which can not but rejoice.