The importance of the sexual compatibility

The relationship between a man and a woman is called harmonic only when the both have good psychological compatibility. But also important is the sexual compatibility, which absence can seriously and negatively affect any relationship.

That’s why, when you meet the person first time and you’re starting a serious relationship, you should pay attention to the sexual compatibility. It will have an impact on the future relationship between you and your partner.

People are different and these differences depend not only on temperament and psychological peculiarities in the sexual preferences,  but on physiological moments too.

It often happens that the partner’s genitals do not fit each other in size or shape, and this aspect may cause a discomfort and, as a consequence, disharmony in the relationship.

The most comfortable and harmonious the person feels himself near the partner who has the same temperament. So that every person should find a partner, who has the same sexual preferences and temperament.

For example, it will be not easy for a passionate lover to get along with a person who don’t want to diversify sex or who is calm about the sex.

Passionate people feel themselves more comfortable with people of the same temperament, or vice versa, if the person doesn’t feel the desire to show his sexual activity, he should find the same life partner as he is, because the difference in desires can cause serious problems.

Depending on the sexual temperament people are divided into a strong, medial and weak sexual constitution.

People of the strong sexual constitution are characterized by the high passion and strong sexual desire. Frequent sex is very important for them, they can enjoy their life completely only if they have regular sex.

People with the medial sexual constitution refer to sex in a very calm way. They love stability and regularity. They may like rare sex, or, conversely, the may feel lonely because of this.

People of the low sexual constitution are characterized by a calm attitude not only to sex, but to their life in general. Such people are interested in soul talks and romantic atmosphere.

Of course, the ideal variant – is when the both sexual constitutions are the same.  So you both may have enough sex.

The difficult variant – is when the one partner has a strong constitution, while another has the weak constitution. So, then a comfortable amount of sex both for you is different. With a very strong constitution the number of sexual acts can reach a NINE per day. And with very weak – a person may want to have a sex once in six month. If the couple’s constitutions are very different – it can make a disbalance in their relationship.

Each type of sexual constitution is unique and beautiful! For the best sexual compatibility, you should find a partner with a similar sexual temperament. But if you have found the strong differences in temperament with your partner, don’t starting to think that it is over! You can always try to understand each other 🙂

In the next article I will tell you how to determine the type of your sexual constitution and what if you temperaments differs a lot, and what you should do if you are not at all compatible.

See ya!