How choose the right lubricant

Did you know, friends, that being knowledgeable in lubricants is a real art? There are so many types of it now that you will find a quite indiscreet choice of them even in a discreet pharmacy nearby, and most likely you are not knowledgeable in half of them, of course, if you are not an experienced customer or employee of an adult shop.
So, today we will comprehend the art of competent selection of a personal lubricant. Or lubricants, because once tasted, it’s impossible to stop!

There are three types of lubrication basis: water, silicone and glycerin.

Choosing the kind of lubricant that you should buy will depend on the intended use – to remove dryness, shove a huge anal plug into yourself or prolong sexual intercourse.


First, let’s look into the classical sex, without additional tools.
Good old-fashioned method of “saliva” is swept aside at once, the same is with hygienic lipsticks, body lotions, shower gels and vaseline. Really, you’d better not resort to them.
You should neither pick the lubricant from condoms because “you reaaaly need it right now” and in order to save money. If only because not all condoms are reliable and of high quality. Well, it’s not hygienic, too.

So, the first problem is dryness during the classical vaginal sex. Simple sex without condoms and frills
If dryness is caused by organic causes, some health problems of a woman or simply age, you should pay attention to the natural lubricants (water-based) or oil-based ones, they not only save from the discomfort, but also have caring properties, soften the skin. Pay attention to the large volumes.

Dryness because “I don’t want to have sex but I have to”
Classical vaginal water-based lubricant. Virtually any. Better with a convenient dispenser or a pump. It can even be with the effect of stimulation – they are good for couples who live long together.

Dryness associated with condoms. A common phenomenon
We know that many of us have faced it. All condoms are impregnated in different ways, with different compositions and with different generosity. It’s not news that many women don’t feel comfortable with condoms. It’s easy to resolve it – buy a lubricant; as most condoms are made of latex, the lubricant should be water-based, because silicone and oil can damage latex, brake its integrity, and it is fraught with consequences.
Is it all clear with condoms?


Treatments, a bad sexual experience, traumas, surgery, difficult delivery
Yes, sometimes women have such problems too, there are healing lubricants with natural ingredients, aloe vera extract, which are on sale specially for these women; many of them are approved by gynecologists.

Lubricants as an additional barrier for people with rickety intimate microflora
There are people who most and sometimes since birth tend to catch bacteria, suffer from thrush and generally attract infections. Soft spermicidal and antibacterial lubricants were invented for these people. Remember, such lubricants are like vitamins but not like drugs, they do not protect against STD and unwanted pregnancy.

Lubricants for the purpose of experimentation and diversity of sex
It may seem strange to use a lubricant without the need. But for these very purposes hundreds of bottles with effects of warming, cooling, massage and even narrowing the vagina and enlarging the penis were invented.

Lubricants for oral sex
Taste lubricants are divided into just edible ones and edible ones with the effect of stimulation, they can be male, female and suitable for everyone – elderly women, young ladies, curious schoolgirls. Delicious, slippery, pleasant for everyone. Oral lubricants give lickers and suckers an opportunity not only to give pleasure but also to get it in some way. It’s funny to suck, let’s say, a strawberry lollipop. The main thing is not to forget yourself and not to let your teeth out.


Lubricants in format of a card for access to places not intended for it
Have you heard the joke about the treasure at the end of a dark cave? Of course, we will talk about anal sex. This is a very popular trend, and of course specialized tools simplify it and make it available to almost everyone, well, except perhaps religious opponents and especially sensitive people, as well as aesthetes and moralists.
If you just have the classical anal sex without a condom and toy, choose a silicone-based lubricant, it is perfect for this.
It stays for a long time, slides amazingly, isn’t washed off with water and doesn’t disappear at the most inappropriate moment. Silicone lubricants have plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages.

Safer anal sex
If you use condoms, for example, you will have to go back to a water-based lubricant. However, you may notice that there are special water-based lubricants specifically for anal sex, with anesthetic or cooling effect. There are even lubricants to relax the muscles, can you imagine? You have to make virtually no efforts)

Now let’s talk about toys. How to choose a lubricant for the toy
The first thing to do is to determine the toy’s material. Visual estimation is not the best option; it is better to look in the user manual, on the packaging, or, in the last resort, on the Internet if you have thrown away all the accompanying units.



So, have you identified the material? Then remember or better write down.
Silicone, gel, CyberSkin, luxury CyberSkin (everything that goes with the word skin – ultraskin, superskin, etc.), PVC, ABS-plastics can ONLY be used with water-based lubricants. Silicone or oil ones will damage a beautiful velvet smooth surface; this is a little strange that silicone is not suitable for silicone but this is true.
And in general, in order to be on the safe side, it’s better to use water-based lubricants with all the soft toys – latex, vinyl, TPE, TPR, and others.
Water-based lubricants are classical, versatile, safe. Among them you will find the ones which specialize in anal and vaginal sex, they are slightly different in composition because of specification, they are cleverly made, I must admit!)
If you doubt, take a water-based lubricant, always. Got me?
You can use really any lubricant with rigid, non-standard materials, such as ceramics, glass, metal. Glass toys, for example, glide perfectly even without a lubricant. So, if you want to use unusual lubricant somehow, buy an unusual toy)!


For all occasions
And then there are whole sets of various lubricants – of one brand or a variety of different brands.
If you have a small but favorite collection of toys and you are always for diversity, it’s very convenient to have such a lubricant set at home.