What girls are offered in adult stores?

I have been looking into online stores. Of course, the online stores with adult goods. I have in mind a few of them where I constantly buy something and which I trust. The interface is very different – one stores have a detailed description of the goods but don’t specify the manufacture’s brand, others have a poorly designed search, still others have a very generalised sections. I explore them, compare, put pluses and minuses in mind for each of their characteristics. One store the name of which I’ll omit allocates the groups of goods in a very interesting way. For example, for beginners in a sex shop. I say hmm… and go to see what they offer. The section is divided into two parts: for boys and for girls.


Girls are offered: beautiful semitransparent lace dresses and gowns, catsuites in coarse and fine grid – I like the ones in fine grid more, they are more comfortable; coarse grid is hard to put on, especially if a woman didn’t put on something like this before. In the subgroup of lingerie, there are a few nice sets too with holes in the right places, simply nice panties and panties with a small built-in vibro-bullet, a maid’s costume which is certainly one of the most popular fantasies. It’s a nice selection, I looked at all this when I was just starting to buy all sorts of beautiful things to lure men. There was also a latex dress and high heels but you can buy high heels, as experience has shown, not necessarily in a sex shop. Although I profess that I’m still indifferent to the section with the strip shoes.


Girls are offered: vaginal balls. There are very nice silicone models with a comfortable string, there are single balls, metal balls which I wouldn’t recommend for beginners; if a woman poorly controls her vaginal muscles, she may experience problems with inserting one ball after another in phases and getting them out later on, slippery and without a string.


Girls are offered: a couple of humble dildos and a lot of funny vibrators. Really funny ones. Rabbits, finger massagers, several stimulators for the clitoris, we-vibe tango (I think it’s the best vibrator for beginners and professionals!), vibro-eggs and bullets, one is particularly funny, with a mustache.


Girls are offered: a few simple anal chains, short, with small links. Really comfortable for beginners. I don’t know who divided the website into sections but it’s just a tremendous work. And the selection is really cool. Thank you man, you are clearly a professional in adult industry and a sex expert.


Girls are offered: a number of various lubricants, a couple of very simple ones, water-based, several ones flavoured and even edible, masturbation cream and anesthetic lubricant – apparently even if such small anal chains awake fear. 😉



Girls are offered: perfumes with pheromones. Pheromones are wrapped in obscurity. There are legends about their miraculous effect – they say that if you sprinkle them in your belly-button and between your breast, you will drive all men crazy at once. Actually, they have a different effect on different people but it’s always worth checking.