You are arrested or what do you need to know about handcuffs

It can’t be true that there wasn’t even at once this thought in your head about using the handcuffs in sexual games. Of course, not everyone is so lucky to have an officer husband or a boyfriend-guard (to have handcuffs always at hand). But the sex-toys industry decided to help you with your fantasies. So, nowadays handcuffs for sex are presented almost in every sex-shop in great variety. You can choose whatever you want: from realistic “cops” to fluffy cuties – handcuffs will bring a spicy flavor to your sexual life.

Why do we love handcuffs?

The domination of one of the partners – it is always an exciting deal. Domination attracts you with a light notes of violence: such as slaps, tying and bonding. The feeling that you “will not escape anywhere” is so exciting, considering that you didn’t really want to run away. Mostly ladies like to be “arrested”, of course,  – sadomasochism and fetish are embedded in women’s heads on instinctive level. But sometimes men don’t mind to give up their leading role and to be a hostage of the sexy police woman or the adamant mistress. The games with handcuffs can be various,  it all depends on the desires and fantasies of the partners. But you should be very accurate when you use handcuffs – an apparently innocuous toy can be quite insidious. And now I will tell you about some surprises that can shock you.

Top-5 nonsenses of using the handcuffs:


-To lose the key – when you miss the key in the blanket or it fell under the bed – it is the guaranteed failure of the whole mission.Instead of easy completion of the process and enjoying the experience you’ve get, you both will crawl on the floor searching the key, and one of you will feel himself very uncomfortable.Vivid impressions are guaranteed, but not the ones you’ve been expected. So that, after fastening the handcuffs, gently place the key on the bedside table near the bed.

-Don’t discuss the using if handcuffs with your partner – we understand everything. Erotic surprise – is one of the most interesting thing in relationship between partners. But instead of shocking your beloved,  gently inquire about her attitude to this type of games. But if you want to do a surprise – you can ask about it not directly. But what if she is an opponent of BDSM? It can turn out very awkward.

-To snap the handcuffs at the wrong moment – are you sure that your partner are feeling comfortable in this position?

-To use the real cuffs without having the professional skills – the docs in emergency will laugh at you for a long time.

-To order handcuffs on various dubious resources – they can send you something strange, that can also make a harm to your health. So that, you should choose qualitative goods in the best sex-shops and of course with the guaranty.