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Gvibe Original

Gvibe Noir was produced as a limited edition product with 10.000 units only! It’s hard to get one nowadays. However, in October 2014 we presented upgraded waterproof version Gvibe 2 which is also available in black 🙂


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Gvibe Noir

Takes a bold, sophisticated step in the right direction with its sleek silicone veneer and fully submergible body, making it the newest favourite toy in the bathtub. With one hundred percent more power than the original G-vibe, the Noir Limited Edition is for power queens and experienced users.

G-vibe Noir Limited Edition is a rechargeable. V-shaped vibrator with two tips.

Comparing to G-vibe Original which has 2 motors, G-vibe Noir boasts 3 motors: 2 motors on tips and 1 very powerful motor in the shaft – this gives 100% extra power (for power queens ;)). Now, you can use your G-vibe Noir in the bathtub too as it is completely waterproof. The flexible tips of G-vibe Noir are rigid, so the stimulation of G-spot and the opposite side of vagina is quite intensive. The material of G-vibe Noir is more stiff than that of G-vibe Original, however, it is still hypoallergenic premium medical silicone. You can enjoy 6 vibration modes with 8 speeds in each mode together with 4 hours of operation on a single charge. G-vibe Noir has 1 year warranty.


G-vibe Noir Limited Edition has a luxurious packaging including boudoir postcard by Mirosedina. Every item has its unique number as the edition is limited! We have produced only 10,000 units so don’t miss your chance to get your exclusive personal Noir!


G-vibe Noir retains the original ergonomically engineered shape for the most intense stimulation, but adds more of a powerful punch. So, if you like it hot, G-vibe Noir Limited Edition is absolutely a must-have!


  • ‑ 3 motors: two motors on tips and one very powerful motor in the shaft.
  • ‑ + 100% extra power. For power queens :).
  • ‑ Rigid flexible tips.
  • ‑ More stiff material.
  • ‑ Completely waterproof.
  • ‑ Made of premium-class hypoallergenic medical silicone.
  • ‑ Luxury packaging including boudoir postcard by Mirosedina.
  • ‑ Every item has its unique number.
  • ‑ 1-Year Warranty.

Six pleasing vibration modes with adjustable intensity

Contents of package
G-vibe, Charger, User manual, Storage Pouch and Boudoir postcard by Mirosedina.
As far as your imagination goes …

We recommend using Gvibe² with a small
amount of water‑based Gjuice lubricant. Using silicone lubricant is not recommended.