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February 2018, the USA and France Resume

The month that ended was not that dynamic, but super-dynamic and promising for Gvibe. We are glad to finally report that we participated in four huge events and that we are summing up the results. We’d better avoid unmeasured boasting, but that is hard not to feel proud of our tireless team aimed to make people become suddenly and completely in love with Gvibe brand. Please,

Important news January ends with

In the process of participating in various exhibitions and trade shows, we realized that in the minds of majority our company is associated with our unique and best-seller product, which is definitely Gvibe.  We’ve decided to become closer to our customers and admirers. From this point we are going to use “Gvibe” as our brand and trademark  name instead of

Merry Christmas & Happy New Lover!

It is the season to wish one another joy and peace. Our dear friends, may you feel winter days warmer this special day. We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Lover! Please check our congratulatory video:

Our brand ambassador is nominated 

Our brand ambassador Marco is nominated for the 2018 XBIZ Exec Awards. Nominees were selected based on a multitude of factors including leadership ability, business acumen, positive community influence and overall career success as submitted by industry members via  XBIZ.net. We can be really proud of him and wish him the very best!


The fair in Moscow was good. We participated at the Eroexpo which was from the 20th until 21st of October. You can find more pictures of the fair on our Facebook!

Erofame and Venus in Germany 

The fairs in Germany are over. The last week was a really successful time for the company. We presented our new products: Geisha Balls Magnetic, Gplug Bioskin, Gplug Twist and the Gvibe MINI Limited Gold Edition. In Hannover, at the Erofame, TM Gvibe won the EAN award for the best product design. We are really

A gift from TM Gvibe

This contest is for all of our retailers that will order products for 500$ or more from TM Gvibe. They get the chance to win one out of ten Iphones 7, three Ipads or one Macbook Air! The following named distributors are participating in this great contest: Debra Net + Evergreen + ECN + Pipa

Erofame and Venus 

We are glad to tell you that we are going to be part of the next Erofame and Venus this year. The Erofame is from the 11-13th of October in Hannover and the Venus from the 12-15th of October in Berlin. As every year, we are presenting new products and interesting news! If you are

Scala Fair and our brand ambassador is on tour

Scala is over and we met lots of you at our booth. we enjoyed a good time! For those of you who didnt know, our brand ambassador Marco is on tour again! This time he is available for visits around the Netherlands, Belgium and the north west of France! The tour is until the 14th

We updated our pricing and pricelists

We always kept the same pricing since the company started to sell products  in 2012. Now we changed the pricing for several products. The first product is our Gvibe 2  and the second one is the Gvibe MINI. The Gvibe was the very first product we were selling. The Gvibe MINI comes with the same features and functions as