About Us

The history of Gvibe (ex. FT London and Fun Toys) as a company goes back into the time when the parents of Gvibe creator Jack Romanski, launched their first sex-shop. Jack appears to work in the adult products’ industry since 15 as after school he helped his parents to advertise their business distributing leaflets in the streets.

After receiving two degrees in engineering Jack decided to combine his theoretical knowledge and skills with his passion. That was the time when all sex-toys seemed to be the same and adult industry didn’t offer so much to explore one’s sexuality. The idea to create a new toy, which would break the industry mould and help women experience new kinds of pleasure, suddenly occurred to Jack, and he made the first sketches of this revolutionary invention on a paper napkin that night over dinner.

His innovation was to invent a manual massager with two flexible tips, that would spread apart once inside the vagina to create a sensation of fullness without actually stretching the labia.

Jack did not have the experience of launching toys and for this reason he showed his developments to LELO intimate lifestyle company. Since Jack’s idea was ignored, it became a kick for him to launch his own company and release the product on the shelf.

It took 8 months to create the first prototype of the product and several months later this simple concept evolved into a hi-tech ergonomic shape vibrator with three powerful motors and rechargeable battery for ease-of-use. To cap off Jack’s vision, Elena Mirosedina, an erotic artist of worldwide fame, was invited to create the packaging.

In the result 300 000 items of bespoke sex-toy Gvibe were sold globally and it was recognised as innovative massager highly attuned to women’s sensuality and a comfortable, effective stimulator. The state-of-art transformer packaging of Gvibe was nominated for Cannes Lions, the most prestigious design award. It gave an inspiration to continue and develop the company.

Now Gvibe is an innovative company with the philosophy to create toys and pleasure objects that haven’t existed before. Gvibe team was the first to bring the idea of rechargeable butt plug to the market, created and patented Bioskin material as well as invented Gballs smart Kegel, which is rightfully named as personal sex‑fitness coach. Rather than launch another ordinary cock ring, which every company has in its range, Gvibe will invent something absolutely unique as the cock ring able to fly. Orgasm delivery, that is our slogan!

Awards and Nominations:

  • O AWARDS 2012
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2013
  • ETO AWARDS 2013
  • ETO AWARDS 2014
  • O AWARDS 2014
  • O AWARDS 2015
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2016
  • Red Dot Design Award 2017
  • Red Dot Design Award 2017
  • EROFAME 2017
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2018
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2018