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A Story About Gvibe

Gvibe - Manufacturer of Sex Toys Gvibe

At Gvibe, we are driven by a passion for creating groundbreaking pleasure products that transcend the ordinary.

Our journey began with a deep-rooted history in the adult industry, dating back to the time when the parents of our visionary creator, Jack Romanski, launched their first sex shop. From a young age, Jack immersed himself in the industry, eagerly assisting his parents by distributing leaflets to promote their business after school.

Our first product

With two engineering degrees under his belt, Jack's thirst for innovation led him to merge his theoretical knowledge with his unwavering passion. He noticed that the market lacked diversity, offering limited options for exploring one's sexuality.

One fateful night over dinner, inspiration struck Jack as he sketched his revolutionary invention on a humble paper napkin—an ingenious manual massager with two flexible tips that gently spread apart inside the vagina, creating a delightful sensation of fullness without stretching the labia.

The path from concept to reality was an arduous one. It took eight months to develop the first prototype, which later transformed into a cutting-edge, ergonomically shaped vibrator.

Equipped with three powerful motors and a rechargeable battery, our creation delivered unparalleled ease of use. To complement Jack's visionary design, we collaborated with the esteemed artist Mirosedina to create stunning packaging that captured the essence of our products. The response was overwhelming—300,000 bespoke Gvibe pleasure products sold worldwide.

Our innovative massager quickly gained recognition for its intimate sensitivity, becoming a comfortable and effective stimulator cherished by women everywhere.

The state-of-the-art transformer packaging we introduced even earned a coveted nomination for the prestigious Cannes Lions design award, fueling our inspiration to further develop and refine our offerings.

Today, G Vibe stands as a beacon of innovation in the pleasure industry. Our philosophy is to create toys and pleasure objects that haven't existed before, constantly challenging conventions and introducing groundbreaking concepts.

Design process

Designing our toys is an exciting journey that takes more than a year of hard work and dedication to make them perfect.

It all starts with creative sketches, which then come to life through the skilled hands of our sculpture artists who help us bring our vision to reality. Once we have a physical mockup, we leverage cutting-edge 3D printing technology to refine and fine-tune every detail. Simultaneously, our team works on engineering features like powerful motors and delightful vibrations, ensuring an extraordinary and sensational experience for our users.

Our focus group plays a vital role in testing our mockups, providing valuable feedback to refine our products. We are always looking for new testers to join us on this exciting journey, so if you're interested, feel free to reach out at any time.

Out of the three prototypes, only one advances to the next stage and final testing process.

Only the best products earn the Gvibe seal of approval, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.


At Gvibe, we are committed to sustainability. We have taken significant measures to revamp our packaging, with a focus on materials that are not only easily recyclable but also drastically reduce the use of plastic.

To further align with this commitment, we have made additional improvements to our products by shortening the length of our charging cords. This reduction in cord size allows us to minimize material waste and optimize resource consumption.

Our proactive approach ensures that our packaging contains only the bare minimum amount of plastic required, making it effortless for our customers to responsibly recycle Gvibe packaging.

If you are curious about how to recycle pleasure products, we encourage you to seek out local communities in your city for guidance.

Furthermore, our pursuit of sustainability is an ongoing journey. We continuously explore new avenues, technologies, and materials to enhance the eco-friendliness of our products and packaging. By leading the way in sustainable practices, we strive to set a higher standard for ourselves and the industry as a whole.

At G Vibe, we firmly believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a fundamental responsibility.

We invite you to join us on this journey as we relentlessly seek new solutions and endeavor to create a lasting impact for future generations.

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