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Rabbit Vibrator, Best Clitoral Stimulator and G-Spot Sex Toy

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What is a Rabbit Vibrator and Who is It Suitable For

The rabbit vibrator is a double vibrator for simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot. You've probably seen such vibrators - one extension is long and the other is shorter. The long one stimulates the inside, and the shorter one stimulates the outside.

Why is it called a rabbit vibrator? Because the very first such stimulator had a clitoral process in the shape of a rabbit - with a head and ears. Hence the name - rabbit vibrator or bunny vibrator! Now this name has become a household name, and any clitoral-vaginal vibrator can be called that.

Rabbit vibrators are excellent as your first submersible sex toy because they allow you to hit two strategic pleasure zones - the clitoris and the G-spot. We hope you remember that the clitoris is an organ that is solely responsible for pleasure. Therefore, most girls can get an orgasm from stimulation of the clitoral head. This can happen in different ways: fingers, vibrating toys, tongue, stream of water, etc.

If suddenly you are still just in search of your sexuality and are in a state of getting to know your body and capabilities, a vibrator with ears is perfect for awakening the receptors. It is also suitable for girls who want to increase sensitivity during penetration - to awaken the G-spot. There are girls who get an orgasm only from stimulation of the clitoral head (externally), there are those who get an orgasm from penetration (internally), there are those who can and so-and-so. And everything is fine if you get a buzz only from external stimulation, but if you want more, take a vaginal clitoral vibrator and start experimenting :)

How To Use a Rabbit Vibrator

1. First, it’s worth getting to know it :) Look at it from all sides, poke the buttons to understand which one is responsible for what. And dream a little while holding the rabbit vibrator in your hand.

2. Get tuned in and excited. Do what turns you on - naked dancing, gentle stroking, watching porn, etc. Now that you are in high spirits, take a rabbit-shaped vibrator and get to know it better.

3. Add water-based lubricant to yourself and to the vibrator and appendage. Do not immediately immerse the Rabbit vibrator in yourself. Turn on the vibration and start caressing yourself from the outside - the head of the clitoris, lips, nipples, thighs. You can move it up and down - teasing the clitoris. When you can't wait any longer, let him penetrate you.

4. Experiment with modes. See how your body responds to different pulsation and vibration patterns. The rabbit-shaped vibrator can be held in your hand, or you can squeeze it between your legs and let him do everything himself. Feel how you like it better when you perform frictions (movements back and forth) or when he stands still (and you simply switch the vibration).

5. Remember that it may take time to develop sensitivity and you may not be able to cum the first time with a rabbit vibrator. It's not scary, you get to know your body and look for new ways of pleasure. If it doesn’t work out with the vibrator now, get an orgasm in the way you know how (for example, by simply applying the Rabbit vibrator with its long appendage to the clitoris).

How To Choose the Right Rabbit Vibrator For Women

1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the material, it must be safe and hypoallergenic. For example, silicone, Bioskin.

2. The rabbit sex toy can be of different lengths. If, when asked what the depth of your vagina is, you fall into a stupor and don’t know the answer, then focus on your own feelings. What kind of partners do you like? To make the penis longer/larger/thicker?

Naked statistics say that the vagina is sensitive and responds at a depth of up to 10 cm; anything deeper is a matter of taste. Therefore, when choosing a rabbit vibrator for the first time, you can safely take one with dimensions of about 10 cm - this means the length of the vaginal process, but the total length can be greater due to the handle. When choosing a diameter, do the same, be guided by your feelings. The gold standard for the diameter of vaginal vibrators is 3-4 cm, most girls choose these sizes. If you are choosing a bunny vibrator for the first time, and this is basically your first toy, choosing between smaller and larger sizes, take the smaller one!

3. Choose a vibrator with several vibration modes. This will make it more likely that you will find the “right” mode for you. It’s just ideal when the vibrator has “+” and “-” buttons, this means that you can customize each mode to suit you personally.

4. It’s great when the rabbit vibrator has the ability to control both the clitoral and vaginal petals separately.

5. You should like the look of the rabbit vibrator. When you look at him and dream of feeling him in yourself, this is your rabbit :)

How To Properly Use a Rabbit Vibrator Using the Bridge Technique

The bridge technique is a special practice that allows you to shift the focus of sensations to a new zone. In simple words, it teaches the brain to respond to new things. The bridge technique with a rabbit vibrator was created to get new sensations and, in principle, at least some sensations from penetration.

The technique is as follows: immerse the vibrator inside and persistently bring yourself to orgasm. This method is used by girls who get orgasm from external stimulation of the clitoris. And when the sensations on the head of the clitoris are at their peak, an orgasm is about to approach, you need to move/remove the vibrator from the clitoris and continue caressing the G-spot. Do this several times during one masturbation. Again, it may not work the first or second time, but the main thing here is training and desire. In any case, after such training you will be able to cum the way you are used to.

How Does a Rabbit Vibrator Work

If we are talking about a classic vibrator with ears, then it works using vibration on both the clitoris and the G-spot. But progress does not stand still, and now you can find completely different rabbit vibrators:

+ heated;
+ with rotating head;
+ with rotating beads;
+ with jerking movements;
+ which have a vibration motor in the submersible part, and a vacuum on the clitoris;
+ which have a vibration motor in the submersible part, and a tongue (like a partner’s tongue) on the clitoris;
+ with a bead in the immersed part, for greater G-spot stimulation;
+ with a moving vaginal process (imitation of the movement of the partner’s fingers inside);
+ can be controlled from a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

As you can see, everything is done for the most pleasant experiments and new sensations in bed!

How To Use the Gvibe Rabbit Vibrator

At the moment, the brand's collection includes five models: the pink rabbit Grabbit, Grabbit Mini, Gentley, Gcandy, Gcandy Mini.

Grabbit is made of amazing Bioskin material - very pleasant and gentle to the touch, forked ears can caress the clitoris on both sides (or they can be brought together), and the curved vaginal process will give a colossal feeling of fullness inside.

Gcandy is more assertive and domineering! The ribbed surface is created for exceptional massage and sensations inside, and the clitoral process will persistently and confidently “pat” the clitoris, taking you to the land of bright and violent orgasms:)

Now you know everything about rabbit vibrators, and it won’t be difficult for you to choose yours!)


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