Gvibe is a premium sex toy from London

In 2012, the company got its name from our first toy which became an instant bestseller – a unique vibrator Gvibe. World premiere of Gvibe was held at the AVN Novelty Expo in Las Vegas in September 2012. As of now, more than 400,000 pieces have already been sold.

We invented and patented a unique development – the Bioskin material. The most realistic material in the world! Gjack and Gplug bioskin toys are made from it. We released the first little rechargeable plug with Gring remote control.

Gvibe company invited the world-renowned artist from Milan who paints in the genre of eroticism to create a package for Gvibe products, which was nominated for the most prestigious design award at the International Advertising Festival “Cannes Lions”.

Each year the company is awarded in various categories – in particular, one of them was “Best Product Design 2017” award, obtained at the Hannover World Fair “EroFame”.

Gvibe Company creates new and more sophisticated toys which one wants to touch, present and enjoy!

We create sex toys which work to achieve results. And that is why our slogan is Orgasm delivery!

Gvibe is sponsoring the Uncensored Festival


Gvibe brand

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Gvibe - a new generation of sex toys

For a long time, the erotic products of the most sex shops were of the same type: elongated vibrators in the form of a male penis, classic anal toys or Kegel balls differed only in color and material of manufacture.

Young Jack Romanski was thinking about this at that time, handing out flyers of the parent sex shop. Getting older, he literally in one evening came up with the concept of a completely new sex toy - a vibrator with a forked antennae.

When the giants of the sex industry did not appreciate the revolutionary form, the inventor had to patent his own brand Gvibe. Together with the engineers, BIOSKIN was developed specifically for the new vibrators.

This special medical silicone is odorless, non-allergenic and very pleasant to the touch. At the same time, the velvety surface is completely not afraid of moisture, all Gvibe vibrators can be washed in water and even use toys in the bathroom, pool or jacuzzi.

Gvibe sex toy motors are completely silent. Magnetic charging allows you to power the device from USB in any convenient place. A special cover that comes with it will hide the purpose of the device from prying eyes.

Universal gift for men and women

Which vibrator is the best? The one that brings the most pleasure! Sex shop offers a huge selection of models for every taste and budget. But even the strongest stimulation of one erogenous zone quickly bothers and ceases to be interesting.

Gvibe is a unique vibrator that will appeal not only to single men and women, but will also add piquancy to couples. Thanks to its special antennae, the stimulator gives a feeling of fullness of the vagina without its expansion, while caressing the clitoris, as well as the penis and scrotum of a man.

You can use the toy for vaginal, anal, oral sex, double penetration, stimulation of the nipples and all other erogenous zones that have enough imagination (pictures of possible poses are part of the instructions for the device).

Gvibe sex products are not limited to a fantasy vibrator. The toy store also offers kegel balls, G-spot stimulators and a variety of butt plugs for the most sensual shoppers.

The Vaginal Balls Gballs App became No. 1 in its product category. Intimate muscle training helps you track a specially designed mobile app and personal trainer.

Gvibe - the best of its kind

Erotic shop is also a place of rest. Sex shopping should bring aesthetic pleasure.

Huge demand from buyers of sexshop are men's and women's T-shirts Gvibe.

The world-famous erotic artist from Milan was invited to develop the brand’s design.

Bright drawings on a white background are perfectly combined with any modern image.

Not every sex toy store can please the buyer with Gvibe products. The brand cooperates with only a few authorized dealers. You can also order a vibrator on our website.

Gvibe sex shop company is a 100% originality of all the products presented and a branded guarantee from the manufacturer. If any problems are found, the manufacturer will provide free repair or replace the toy with a new device.

Everyone should visit an erotic store in their life. Not knowing what to choose there for the first time - choose a Gvibe vibrator, and you will not regret it.

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