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Kegel (Ben Wa) Balls for Women, Best Vaginal Exercise Sex Toys

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Kegel balls to buy at a low price in the USA, follow the sale!


In recent years, intimate muscle balls have become very popular, and many different models from manufacturers and variations of these sex toys have appeared on the market. This page features the best Ben Wa balls for women from Gvibe.

How to use Kegel (Ben Wa) balls

First, make sure your hands and Kegel balls are completely sterile. Wash your hands thoroughly before starting your workout.

Find a comfortable position to do Kegel exercises. You can lie on your back, sit on a chair, or stand with your legs apart, shoulder-width apart.

During training, Gvibe recommends using a lubricant to help with ball insertion, such as Gjuice Water-Based Lubricant. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the vaginal balls.
Now relax completely and concentrate on your intimate muscles. You must be absolutely calm.

Insert the first ball vaginally, pressing it against the upper opening of the vagina. Gradually push it deeper, while the lace should remain outside so that at the end of the workout, you can use it to remove the Kegel balls back.

Repeat the same process with the second ball, if you have one.

After inserting the balls inside, you may feel a slight feeling of fullness or the presence of something foreign inside. This is absolutely normal.

Start doing Kegel exercises by squeezing the balls with your pelvic floor muscles. To do this, squeeze your muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine.

Hold your muscles contracted for 4-6 sec., then relax them for 4-7 sec. Do this exercise for 9-14 min.

Over time, you will need to increase the duration and intensity of your workouts, increasing the time you hold the contracted muscles and the number of sets.

After finishing the exercises, carefully remove the Kegel balls by pulling the outer end of the string. Clean your sex toy with a special cleaner such as Gvibe Gjuice Toy Cleaner and store it in a clean, dry place.

What are the best Kegel balls to buy for yourself?

When choosing balls for Kegel exercises, Gvibe recommends considering the following main points:

1. Start by choosing Kegel balls that are the right size and shape for your personal training needs. Balls that are too large or too small can be awkward or unpleasant to use.

2. Choose Kegel exercisers made from hypoallergenic materials, such as regular or medical silicone. These materials do not cause allergic reactions and are easy to maintain

3. To begin with, it is better to choose light balls and gradually move on to heavier ones when the muscles become stronger. By the way, we have sets that include different weights of Kegel balls, like this Gvibe Geisha Balls 3.

4. If you want additional stimulation, you can consider the Gballs 3 App vibrating balls. This is the newest thing in the world of Kegel balls with vibration.

5. Be sure to buy Kegel balls from reliable manufacturers who use safe materials in production and have a good reputation in the market. For example, Gvibe has developed and patented a special hypoallergenic material, Bioskin, for this purpose.

6. Every woman is unique, so it is important to know your body well and choose Kegel balls that will be comfortable and convenient for you in training.

With Kegel balls from Gvibe you can successfully train your intimate muscles. Our balls have no analogues; they are made of Bioskin material.

Kegel balls for beginners

Kegel balls for beginners should be easy and not difficult to use.

These sets contain several balls with different weights or diameters. They allow you to start with the lightest ball and gradually move on to heavier ones as your pelvic floor muscles become stronger. Geisha Balls Mini are perfect for this.

Silicone vaginal balls. Silicone intimate muscle balls are the market leader because silicone is safe for training, non-allergenic and very soft. They stay well inside the vagina and provide very comfortable vaginal stimulation.

Where can you buy Kegel balls in the USA

The Gvibe adult store has a wide selection of Kegel exercise balls. Our managers will professionally answer all your questions. All Kegel balls have low prices from the manufacturer. We send anonymous parcels all over the world.


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