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Gvibe Gballs 3 App - Vaginal Vibrating Kegel Balls With App

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The most effective, easiest and at the same time the safest way to train the pelvic floor muscles is with the help of a device with feedback and an application. Such a trainer reads muscle movements and transfers data to the phone, making the process as simple and clear as possible.

Gvibe Gballs 3 App is the third most advanced generation of Kegel trainers. At the base of the lower ball, we placed 3 sensitive film sensors that can not only recognize muscle movements, but also measure the strength of their compression. This allows you to train not “blindly” but to understand exactly how your performance is changing and track your progress. with Mirosedina
Gvibe by Mirosedina

The functionality is complemented by an ingenious design in collaboration with Mirosedina. A female artist famous for her elegant and sophysticated style.

Looks good with

Premium Silicone

For silicone sex toys, we use medical grade material, it is completely hypoallergenic and guarantees safety when in contact with the body. Unlike other manufacturers, our silicone is non-toxic and has no odor. And in the end, each toy is covered with a special finishing, which gives a velvet feeling when touched.

Happiness guarantee

If you don't feel the positive vibes after 30 days, we will refund your money, no questions asked. Even if the packaging was opened. We will dispose the product and provide you a credit for the same amount to spend on website.

User Manual

All this data is available in the application to which the device is linked. The mobile coach tells you what exercises you need to do and in what amount, and shows whether you completed the task correctly. So, your workouts are as if under the supervision of an expert, and their effectiveness increases.

To ensure that the trainer always remains in the right position, we have created a convenient anchor-stopper for it, thanks to which the device's sensors are always located near the entrance to the vagina. Gballs 3 App does not need to be held by hand neither you should worry that it will fall out. We have everything
under control.

What else? Pleasant to the body medical silicone, full waterproofness and the ability to use the device as a vibrating egg – just transfer control to your partner
and enjoy.

Gballs3 pelvic floor trainer is second to none. We have thought of everything to the smallest detail and at the same time kept the device affordable. Ergonomic shape, fast-response sensors, reliable connection with the application and safe material – everything to let you enjoy your workouts and
get tangible results.

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Lady X.
Gballs 3 App – Vibrating Vaginal Balls for Kegel Exercises

The best vibrating vaginal balls !!!


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