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Gjuice, Best Water-Based Lubricant for Women 100 ml

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One-of-a-kind best quality water based lubricant for women on the market

Have you ever seen a lubricant with striking design, comfortable hold, perfect sprayer which leaves no leaks on the bottle and the best ingredients – everything in one product? Sounds unbelievable? Get yourself ready as the following news is exactly for those who still don't believe this is possible!

You will love its breathtaking packaging...

Meet a new line by Gvibe – Gjuice – which comprises silicone lubricant, water-based lubricant, and toy cleaner. First, your sight will be captured by one-of-a-kind breathtaking packaging of Gjuice. You may even think it is an haute couture perfume or a mysterious accessory the purpose of which you are to discover. The bottle is premium class and super elegant. Moreover, it is designed in a drop shape so it lies comfortably in your palm. All products in Gjuice line are definitely high-end and have a luxurious boudoir style.

Made in USA. with Mirosedina
Gvibe by Mirosedina

The functionality is complemented by an ingenious design in collaboration with Mirosedina. A female artist famous for her elegant and sophysticated style.


- Universal lube for intimate moments and use with toys

- Hypoallergenic.

- Natural feel.

- Latex compatible.

- Paraben-free.

- Unflavoured and fragrance free.

- Body-safe ingredients.

- pH 4-4.5 balanced for mucosa.

- Unique design – drop shape.

- Ergonomic sprayer – no leaks on the bottle.

- Volume 100 ml / 3.4 oz.

Happiness guarantee

If you don't feel the positive vibes after 30 days, we will refund your money, no questions asked. Even if the packaging was opened. We will dispose the product and provide you a credit for the same amount to spend on website.

Unique invention of the smartest sprayer – enjoy the cleanness and beauty of your lubricant!

The invention of Gvibe which distinguishes Gjuice from other lubricants on the market is its special sprayer. If you have ever hold a water based lube in your hands, you have definitely noticed that the leaks on the bottle are inevitable, it looks dirty and appalling. Therefore, unfortunately, there appeared a common impression that a lubricant is something one-time use and that it's better to keep it somewhere away from the eyes. With Gjuice's sprayer leaks will never disturb you again – specifically designed to always stay beautiful, clean and flawless the sprayer of Gjuice is directed downward. So, putting it at your bedside will make your bedroom look luxurious and gorgeous.

One of the most expensive ingredients – you deserve the best!

Are you already impressed by Gjuice line? Wait a second for more great things about it! The ingredients used in Gjuice are one of the best on the market. We care a lot about the health of our customers. All Gjuice products are made in the USA and comply with FDA regulations. With Gjuice line we open a new segment in the industry – high-end premium class lubricant which is both beautifully and cleverly designed. When it comes to offering something new for our customers we make no compromises – quality, packaging, and comfort must be the best.

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Gjuice - Water Based Lubricant

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