Medical Fetish is an Interesting Thing to be Aware of

  Experience shows that when you are sick, the most basic desire is to sleep and to be left alone. It’s not up to role-playing games and imitations of all sorts of procedures.But there are some people who simply cannot live without medical perversion. So what is medical fetish about? Medical fetishism refers to a

The Future of Sex Toys

According to the assumptions of sexologists, the near future will be closely associated with technologies that will not bypass the sexual relations of people. Rather, on the contrary, you will be called an inhibited freak if you have never tried a sex toy synchronized with your partner’s phone. Perhaps the variety and brightness of the

The History of Sex Toys

In the modern world, any woman has a huge selection of sex toys to satisfy her sexual desires. Among the range one can find dildos from cyber skin, which resembles the real human flesh, vibrators with the variety of different speeds and modes, and vacuum toys that take you to heaven with pleasure from the

Magic G-spot: the Secret of Pleasure

People name G-spot in different ways: “female trigger”, “Grafenberg spot”, “12 hours area”, “G-area”. Still no matter how you name it, the essence remains the same: this is the most sensitive part of female body. However much the scientists tried to isolate it, the conclusion is one and the same: the hypersensitivity of the precious

How to satisfy your girl and not to be a «quick draw»

Perhaps, for someone it will be pleasant news. Be sure, that every man can make a great success in sexual relationship. Well, or most everybody. The main thing is not to forget about basic reasons, which cause failures. Of these there are lightness, selfishness, and sometimes some corporal defects.     Men are a lot

Perfume with pheromones. How it works?

Perfume with pheromones. How it works? Perhaps, every woman has little secrets which can attract a person of the opposite sex. Well, pheromones are the special substances produced by tissues of human and animal activity. They have the fine grain of volatility, so that they easily pass on the air from the human body. Our

How choose the right lubricant

Did you know, friends, that being knowledgeable in lubricants is a real art? There are so many types of it now that you will find a quite indiscreet choice of them even in a discreet pharmacy nearby, and most likely you are not knowledgeable in half of them, of course, if you are not an

The art of bondage and erotic bonding

What is bondage in fact? It is not a secret for everyone that almost every woman just for once in her life wanted to be bounded up and fully given in the hands of a passionate lover… Bondage – is an erotic practice, when one of the partners fixes another in different positions with the

First anal sex? How to make it comfortable and enjoyable

Anal sex for the first time – is a very important moment both for men and women. If the couple decided to attempt the anal, they need to be in a good mood, and they need to do a special training, as to make this process safe, comfortable and painless, and to give both partners

What girls are offered in adult stores?

I have been looking into online stores. Of course, the online stores with adult goods. I have in mind a few of them where I constantly buy something and which I trust. The interface is very different – one stores have a detailed description of the goods but don’t specify the manufacture’s brand, others have

Wet sex: shower, bath or jacuzzi

Very often, in dramas and beautiful films about love I see the scene: a man and a woman caress each other in the bathtub, rose petals are scattered in the water, candles, a couple of wineglasses, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it are around the bath. Unreally beautiful music is playing.

A little bit about female vacuum pumps

Female vacuum trainer is not so popular as male. But modern sex-industry proposes pumps for women too. And if men use it only for penis enlargement and getting pleasure, women can do the same procedures for nipples, clitoris and labia. So let’s speak about kinds of pumps, about their features and applying. Female vacuum pumps

Role-playing games – the embodiment of fantasy

Nobody is born serious and adult. Game experience is a part and parcel of everyone since childhood. Juts remember the process: it was excitement, drive and constant curiosity. A game could cure the worst mood. Nothing has changes! The more stressful one’s life is, the more joyful is the relaxation. A new role can save

Sex traditions in different cultures

Nowadays sex is the international language between people from different countries. But in different times people did it in different ways. I found a lot of interesting facts and stories about sex between men and women all over the world.   Love in the East In ancient times in some tribes of Kamchatka it was

Test Drive of the Limited Vibrator Gvibe Mini Gold 24K

If your collection is made up of not one, or three or five and not even ten toys but more, then you start searching for something special and captiously looking through the shopping windows trying to find something to fall in love with. Frankly speaking, it was not in my plans to buy Gvibe Mini.

How to choose a masturbator?

Do you need to miss out on pleasure if your partner has a headache or if you are in a long trip? Obviously, you don’t. Sex is not just a physiological necessity but also a good stress relief and a way to relax. It is not only about how it feels, but also can prevent

A little bit about hormonal contraception

  In the last article I’ve told you about “barrier” and natural contraception. But there are a great amount of hormonal contraceptive and each of them works in its own way. In general, they can be divided into two types: containing estrogen hormones (their analogs) and contraceptives without estrogen.     Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

True pleasure: 7 methods of “barrier” and natural contraception

There are minimum near 16 million of unwanted pregnancies every year. 90% of them could be prevented if women tried to use correctly modern methods of contraception. Strangely, but in XXI century millions of people ignore them or use them incorrectly. In this article I will speak about the most popular methods of contraception (even

Test-drive of anatomical winding vibrator GJack2

I’ve heard a lot about the first GJack, which had an incredible success! It is practical, convenient, very pleasant to the touch, and looks like some kind of cosmic candy. When I first saw and touched GJack2,in a second I decided to please myself with a little gift, so I took this guy home 🙂

How to define your sexual constitution? For women

In the last article we were discussing male sexual constitution. And we have learn that every man has a right to love with his own power. Women are not an exception. The sexual constitution is given to us by nature, and we are unable to change it, but we must know our capabilities and needs.

How to define your sexual constitution? For male

In the last article I told you about the sexual compatibility and about what the sexual constitution is. Today we will talk about how you can define the type of your sexual constitution if you are a man. These knowledge will help you to understand what type of loving relationship is normal for you and

The importance of the sexual compatibility

The relationship between a man and a woman is called harmonic only when the both have good psychological compatibility. But also important is the sexual compatibility, which absence can seriously and negatively affect any relationship. That’s why, when you meet the person first time and you’re starting a serious relationship, you should pay attention to

Sex-dolls for men: pleasure accessible to everyone

Sex-dolls perfectly imitate woman’s body in full growth! They also have a mouth, vaginal and anal holes. They duplicate human body incompletely, but, however, properly performed genital zones can give an unearthly pleasure. More realistic models of dolls are made of latex or cyber skin, they look extremely naturalistic, and contact with them is close

5 films about love without rules (Part 2)

In the last article we told you about shocking,  exciting passion and maddening your mind films in the BDSM genre. I hope, that you have watched them all and now you are ready to discover the wonderful world of the masochism in a new way. So, let’s start!   Belle de jour directed by Luis

You are arrested or what do you need to know about handcuffs

It can’t be true that there wasn’t even at once this thought in your head about using the handcuffs in sexual games. Of course, not everyone is so lucky to have an officer husband or a boyfriend-guard (to have handcuffs always at hand). But the sex-toys industry decided to help you with your fantasies. So,

First Sex: Truth or Myth?

All boys imagine that their first experience would fulfil their sex dreams and girls expect to see silk linens and roses with candles. Unfortunately this is very unlikely to happen. Still it might happen if you plan it on your own but let’s be realistic that the chance is very slim.  Loosing a virginity –

Ben Wa Balls as an escape from complexes

Many women know that vagina consists of muscles and if these muscles are not trained, they will be not alert and alive. How do you train the muscles? Simply be active and make the sex. Nevertheless, time takes its toll. And in your 30’s vaginal muscles would not be like when you are 19 y.o.

Materials for sex toys: silicone and ABS-plastics

What do you need to know before you buy a vibrator It is very important to use sextoys from only safe materials. Many fabricators use such “eco” stamps without a second thought, but in fact not nearly all of the modern vibrators are safe for your body. A great part of the modern customers think,

5 films about love without rules (Part I)

BDSM- these 4 letters disturb and frighten the consciousness of the simple inhabitant.   It is not accepted to discuss these topic during the dinner (and with your friends with the glass of wine indeed), and the word “masochist” still has a negative connotation. But cinematography – is the mouthpiece of our everyday routine tries

“Shut up honey!” – or do you need a gag

Every man just for once in his life wanted to close the mouth of his soulmate, especially, when she is too loud! A lot of girls can speak too many and can talk about nothing trivial at the wrong time indeed. And sometimes you understand that you have already crossed the line, but you couldn’t

What is fisting, anyway? Is it safe for your body?

It is widely thought that fisting is included into BDSM category! And in fact, it is the process of  induction the whole hand into vagina or rectum. Actually, it is very simple! You should press your fingers toward one another with a pulled palm. When the hand gets inside the body, you can compress your

The best oral sex in his life? Your oral sex!

Deep oral manipulation in correct way can deliver an unearthly pleasure to every man. In this article we’ll give you a piece of advice how to achieve perfection in your fellatio. Good blowjob should be multifarious, giving an unforgettable impression! First of all, set a goal to gratify your partner and you’ll see that stormy

5 books about sex: Theory is the practice`s best friend

Is it possible to fully reveal your sexual ego? To remove the confusion? To overcome prejudices and to obtain the maximum pleasure? The best sex psychologists in the world wonder these questions for many years. We have collected the best books on sex aesthetics and sexuality in our article.   1. Mary Roach – Sex

Searching for your perfect sex partner

Have you ever noticed that when a person is not satisfied with something in his (or her) bed, he is eager to get in someone`s else bed? If there is little sex, something goes wrong, you can’t get excited or you don’t want to have sex with this partner, to find a replacement is a

About the penis casting kit and how to use it

Hey there, guys! You sure have come across the penis casting kits, right? What an entertainment to install a real-size copy of your partner’s penis giving his self-confidence a boost too. Now, don’t you get the hot flashes thinking about it – it’s the NO.1 hit! Making a model is a fun and informative process

Forfeits: how joyfully variegate your sex life

Forfeits is a game familiar to all of us from childhood. Such cards and dice, something like a board game where you need to perform the tasks. Erotic forfeits is a way to get to know each other, to bond, to introduce some novelty into your relationship, to relax, to try new kinds of pleasure.

Sex – furniture

There is a very popular book in the world called Kama Sutra. Different authors publish their own Kama Sutras, call them in a different manner, tell about different methods and add images, but the essence of this book is the same: the collection or even the encyclopedia of sexual positions. To change the sexual positions

Edible stimulants

Probably a person of any age and interests saw on TV at least once that some pretty young lady was “poured” a couple of magic drops into the drink and she delivered herself up (although in the beginning she didn’t seem to want it) to the timely placed noble hands of the cavalier. Or you

How to wear a cock ring right

Cock ring (sometimes referred to as erectile ring) is, first and foremost, a serious decision for a man. You should choose this little thing as carefully as the wallpaper for the bedroom. You have to know your own body, study the available range, find out what materials are body safe. First of all, let’s see

A little about lubricants with the focus on the oral ones

Guys, be honest, do you use lubricants? And where do you buy them? I know that many people are terribly embarrassed to ask about them in pharmacies, and the selection there isn’t big; in supermarkets they are located even at the cash desk – and so you take one with an inscription “for anal sex”

10 incredible records related to sex

We all know why people have sex. More precisely, we think that we know. Sex is pleasure, a way to continue the race. But some people have turned sex into a struggle for achievements, records. Perhaps it is time to write a new book – the Guinness Book of Sexual Records. 1. How many times

To show or to hide: a vibrator in the bedroom

21st century is a century in which the science does not stand still. Nobody and nowhere slows down. Medicine, computer technology, architecture, transport develop, and sex toys develop too. Yes, probably the first rubber penises were not rubber but more like ill formed clubs or bored out from the stalactites, but now the situation is

Why a cock ring is one of the most needed toys in bedroom

Just as cars, phones and cosmetics, some sex toys are most popular and best selling. The same is with brands – there are those which are much like the BMW in the industry, there are workhorses such as the Renault, and of course there are Zhiguli and Lada.Cock ring is one of the most popular

How to choose your first vibrator. Quality, power, purpose

I may have talked about it earlier but a vibrator has an extremely important mission in every woman’s life. It is somewhat easier for men to deal with stress, whatever appearances. Statistics shows that guys buy specialized toys for themselves much more seldom than the fair sex. Of course, no one has ever died from

A way to watch porn together.

You would hardly say that modern inhabitants of metropolises don’t like watching porn – they love it! Both men and women watch it. Particularly sensitive partners have an idea that porn is like a lover, wives prove their husbands that they prefer strange and fake silicone women to them, alive and warm. Oh, those sinful

Popular positions for ample cuties.

Every woman wants to feel herself desired, doesn’t she? So, despite the fact that a sensation of certain eroticism during sex is present regardless of your weight, many people still pay attention to their extra kilos and create complexes for themselves. But complexes and sex, as you know, are a bad combination. Leafing through various

TOP of necessary toys for BDSM fans.

Honey is sweet but the bee stings – it’s about fans of various experiments in the BDSM world. If you are an amateur or even professional, carefully read this article through, maybe you are missing something? And if you are a beginner, you are sure to find flood of ​​useful information here: what you should

Sex toys materials: glass, metal, ceramics, wood.

Glass toys are made using special technology, there is no danger that they will split inside you. Glass dildos are often abstract but in fact you can choose from all sorts of shapes and sizes. Glass dildos look luxurious, don’t they? And since the material is quite durable and stiff such toys are perfect for

Materials for sex toys: silicones and plastic.

Every sex store consultant, every designer, every developer of devices, every customer of an intimate store should know this. Only sex toys from safe materials should be allowed to your body! Many manufacturers not particularly thinking about it put such marks on the products but in fact far from all modern vibrators are made of

How to choose anal lubricant? What should you know?

Though a subject of anal sex is popular now, many people still don’t know how to approach it. While some women already enjoy it with modern vibro-plugs, others suffer from the memories of the first unsuccessful times. Do you know what the secret is? Of course, tenderness and deliberateness of your partner. Lubrication!

About one-night stand.

It’s quite a common expression – one-night stand, isn’t it? There are others like – no strings attached – but that’s another story.   I’m sitting in a nice restaurant, eating medium rare tuna steak, drinking whiskey of some crazy ageing. I’m looking at people, listening to their conversations. People around are meeting, flirting, discussing

How to take care of the underwear?

Dear women, do you still boil clothes? Then we go to you! I’m eager to share directions on preservation of the original attractive appearance and excellent quality of underwear with the world.

21st century: who should you sleep with and why masturbate?

I often receive e-mails like, “Help me, I sleep with a jackass!” The first thing I want to ask is, “Where did you get him? Why do you sleep with him?” And then I remember that sooner or later any average woman meets a jackass. No, she doesn’t look for him on purpose, doesn’t behave

On men’s secrets: erogenous zones

In a previous post we talked about women, now about men. We should never forget about men. And even despite the fact that men get excited much quicker and after a couple of minutes they are ready to move on to the dessert or to get you to the desired condition, is this a reason

On women’s secrets: erogenous zones

I often say here that sex is a very important aspect of relationships. One of the most important aspects. It allows you to resolve conflicts in the family, to improve relationships, to push financial and emotional problems into the background, and allows each partner to relax. I would also like to discuss women who live

Sex in the marriage – myth or reality?

Do you know what the most common mistake of a married couple is? Confidence that happiness and passion will last forever. Alas, the eternal love is only sold in bookstores, video rentals, women forums. People believe, they like illusions, but when something starts to happen not as expected they are surprised, lost, fall into a

The first rechargeable anal plug Gplug in the world.

What it is: anal plug with a rechargeable battery What it is for: to stimulate the anus, to prepare for anal sex, as a nice addition during partner sex What it gives: powerful vibration, ease of use, more time for stimulation Whom it is for: women, men, couples, owners of Gring by FunToys Why this

A couple of words about cunnilingus.

Absolutely any man should grow a tree, raise a son, build a house and learn to do cunnilingus. Why? Firstly, you can relieve the stress from your girlfriend at any time in this way. Secondly, it is the key to long and happy relationships. Thirdly, the law of any couple is oral pleasure in return

A Hero of Our Time: Gring 2 in 1

  What it is: a finger massager What it is for: to stimulate erogenous zones of the human body What it does: great pleasure as well as easy usage due to its compact size Whom it is for: women, men, couples, owners of Gplug by Fun Toys Why exactly this massager: in addition to the

Fun Toys Geisha Balls: working without days off!

I am showing vaginal balls Geisha Balls. I would even say these are not just balls, this is a set for Kegel exercises with everything you need.   Only a lubricant is missing but many customers of adult stores already have it, and those who don’t can choose the one to their liking, luckily there