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Tips for Women About Anal Sex for the First Time

Tips for Women About Anal Sex for the First Time

First Time Anal Sex – Tips For Girls And Women

Anal sex is widely believed to be much richer in sensations than the traditional one. This is due to the fact that anus is very narrow and the partner’s penis is very tightly wrapped with sphincter muscles. And now, a woman driven by her curiosity, agrees to do anal sex with her partner. What do you need to know about this before you start? It is important to remember that doing this kind of sex in an improper manner may lead to unpleasant consequences, including:

• Micro cracks in the intestinal walls or appearance of hemorrhoids. Stretching walls of the rectum. Infection of both partners’ genitals.

Mutual consent

Anal sex should only be practiced if a man and a woman are willing to do it and trust each other. There is no any disgust. You cannot sacrifice yourself in the name of your partner’s pleasure. If there is no desire, then it is not worth even talking about it.

Proper preparation

First of all, you should empty your intestines, here an enema may help. Also, it cannot hurt to stretch sphincter muscles. It is possible to use fingers or a special small anal plug.

Use of lubricant

You need lubricant… a lot of lubricant. It facilities sliding of the penis inside the anus. The less friction, the less pain. Nowadays, it is very easy to choose special gels for anal sex. They contain substances that reduce pain and help tissues regenerate. These are anesthetic lubricants that are ideals for beginners, but the anesthetic effect begins in 10 minutes after application, that is why you should not hurry.


During anal sex it is important to use condoms. If you do not wear it, the risk of infection is high: if the partner’s penis has cracks or irritations, microbes will quickly spill into blood. Moreover, it is not allowed to penetrate into the woman’s womb right after anal sex, as you can bring there the microbes from the intestines, which may lead to unpleasant diseases. Therefore, after the experiment you have to take a shower, and only then continue your sexual games.

Delicate care

The sexual partner should insert his penis very slowly and carefully so as not to hurt the woman. If traditional sex required delicate care, what can we say about anal? The first time can be quite painful. Thus, when the woman asks to stop, do not contradict, and even do not think of continuing. She will not ask just for no reason. Everything will happen easily and with no problem only if there is proper preparation and sufficient stretching. The main secret is not to hurry.


First time anal sex can be scary. In addition to physical conditioning, you have to relax mentally. Good music, some alcohol, massage will help. It would be appropriate to take some sedative for highly impressionable people. And do not squeeze your muscles, these cramps lead to pain. It is possible that you will not get used to the sensation of a foreign object in the anus at the first attempt, but its squeezing will not help anyway.

Unexpected sensations

During the first anal intercourse, you may want to go to the bathroom. It is an instinctive reaction of the body; it should not scare you. It passes in 5 to 10 minutes. And similar sensations disappear completely after 10 to 15 minutes of anal intercourse. The body simply does not immediately understand the sensations and tells the brain that there is a foreign object in the anus and that it must be poked out. The probability that something will release from the intestines is very small, you should not be scared that an embarrassing situation will occur. It’s unlikely. But after the anal intercourse, the desire to empty your intestines is quite normal. It does not happen immediately, but in 30 to 60 minutes.


Do not do anal sex if:

The woman is constantly suffering from constipation or diarrhea. The pressure of the penis on the intestinal walls can only aggravate the disease. One of the partners is infected with HIV. Even a condom will not 100% guarantee that there will be no infection, it can tear up. A woman has injuries in her intestines. Even a micro trauma may lead to unpleasant consequences if it is accidentally extended, up to surgery. The man has irritations or cracks in his penis. Germs in the rectum can enter the blood through the wound and cause an infection.

The first time anal sex may be painful. But do not be in despair and doom such amorous joys. In case of doing it infrequently, but regularly, for example, once a week, a woman will gradually inure her body to new sensations. The sphincter muscles will become more elastic. If you follow rather simple recommendations given above, anal sex will be a safe and pleasant change in bed.

Written by Gvibe.

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